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Thread: .com Or .tk?

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    netweiser (old)
    whats better? .com or .tk domain names.....

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    I sended you a pm.

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    netweiser (old)
    Originally posted by sharedholder@17 September 2003 - 18:55
    I sended you a pm.
    just read it. eerrrm not much use telling me. email - thanx

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    You like "hard to answer questions" hehe

    Well the FREE .tk is a great service for beginners since you can get the tk domains free but there are many negative effects like their pretty slow DNS which means that it can take ages for a page to load. dot tk uses for their free service (pretty overloaded)

    If you BUY a then it is different since you can use your own nameservers which makes it fast again.

    If you have to decide com or tk then i would go for com since they are easy to remember since most people have a com

    .tk is only great if you need a "free" domain

    Hope that helps you


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