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Thread: need some information about a seed box

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    just wondering , how a reseller can get a big seed box with great hdd space and sell seed boxes and get benefits ??

    I saw some one from who resell seed boxes ( good boxes 100MB connection and 50-150 GB space with server 2003 ) for only 10 $ and others for 15 $ , and he get benefits from these low price offer ??

    so I need to know how some one can be a reseller ( I don't want to be a reseller ( it's for my own use so I need a seed box which i can make it in many parts and every parts have a windows server 2003 ) with a good price ( I can afford till 400 $ )

    I need any possible offer from any company .

    thanks for help

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    I find it very hard to believe that a reseller (or anyone for that matter) has he ability to sell like 10 accounts on a single server and still promise/realise rock-solid 100Mbps for every single account. Even my pretty Dell R900-machines at work can't push 10x100Mbps unless they get trunked on the twin Gb-NIC's.

    Anyway, my main thought about being a reseller is having contacts with a host or some more friends and rent several machines at the same time. Get a discount on that but charge your customers the full price. Another option is to buy your own server, rent rackspace & bandwidth and rent your server to others.


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