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Thread: Cd Images (.bin .iso ,etc) & The Software You Need

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    For help using Nero to burn .img .bin .iso .nrg

    PLease look here for your answers>>>

    How to guides

    Click in the field which leads you to a page
    where you can download .PDF files explaining
    how to...

    Or here >>

    Burning BIN/CUE Images with Nero Burning Rom
    Created: 14/Feb/2002  Last updated: 31/May/2002

    BIN/CUE image format is quite common on the Internet. It might seem that finding an

    appropriate software for burning these images is quite hard. Luckily, it's not. In addition

    to Golden Hawk CDRWin, the original software for BIN/CUE format, you can also use Nero

    Burning Rom to burn the images.

    Please make sure that you have the latest version of Nero (at least before


    Verify the CUE-sheet and open it with Nero
    Before doing anything else you have to verify that the path in the CUE-sheet is correct. A

    CUE-sheet is a plaintext file describing the structure and the location of the BIN-file.

    You can open up the .CUE -file using, for example, Notepad.

    The file should look something like this:

      TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
        INDEX 01 00:00:00

    Usually the CUE-filename and the BIN-filename have the same body -- e.g. IMAGE. All you

    need to do is verify that there is no path information on the
    -line. Ie. it should not read e.g.
    If there is any path information on the line, just remove it so that you have just the name

    of the .BIN-file as in the example above. Also make sure that the name of the .BIN in the

    CUE-sheet is the same as the actual .BIN file you have on hard-disk.

    Next load Nero Burning Rom and choose File, Burn Image....

    Load the CUE-sheet in Nero
    Choose the Files of Type: dropdown menu and select All Files *.*. Next just locate the

    .CUE file, select it and click Open. Make sure you select the .CUE -file, not the .BIN


    Burn the image
    All you have to do then is choose the writing speed, select the Disc-At-Once Write Method,

    and click Write.

    That's it! After a couple of minutes you'll have a CD with the BIN/CUE Image written on it.

    Notice! Nero is not capable of handling all kinds of BIN/CUE Images. If you have problems

    using Nero for your image file, you should take a look at CDRWin instead.

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    Guide to using Alcohol 120%

    Above is the main Alcohol 120% view. Get used to this, and where everything is.

    Making Images
    • Click “Images Making Wizard” in the “Menu” on the left hand side.
    • Choose the CD drive you have the CD in you wish to make an image of, and the read speed. It is best if you choose “Maximum” for read speed, as this will make the image the quickest.

    • Make sure “Skip Errors” is checked. The rest can be left unchecked, but this depends on if you have got copy protection on the disk. Click next.
    • Choose an appropriate name for you image, and a place where you want the image to be created.
      Now choose the type of image format you want to make.

    • .ccd, .cue/.bin will be a lot bigger in size, because they are measured in volume.
    • .iso will be smaller, and only be the same size as your cd.
    • Now click “Start” to begin to make the image.

      Burning Images
    • Click “Image Burning Wizard” form the menu on the right hand side of the main screan.
    • Click browse to locate the image you want to burn. Click next.
    • Choose the CD-RW drive you want to burn the image to.
    • Choose the “Write” speed you want to burn the image at.
      The write method can be left alone. You should be looking at a screen similar to this below.

    • Click “Start” to begin burning the image.

      Converting Images 1.0

      Converting images is one of the easiest thing you can do. In order to convert an image, you need to have a “Alcohol 120% Virtual CD-ROM Drive” if you already have one set up, you can skip this step, and go onto “Converting Images 1.1” To make a virtual drive, do the following.
    • Click “Virtual Drive” form the options menu on the right hand side of the application.
    • Where it says “No Of Drives” put a number you want in here, 1 drive is more than enough. You can leave the rest as it is. Click OK.
      You will see a little window like the following

    • Now the drive is made.

      Converting Images 1.1

      Now the Virtual Drive is made, you have to mount the image you want to convert onto it. This is done by following there next steps.
    • Open up “My Computer”
    • Right click on your new CD-ROM drive.
    • Go onto “Mount Image”

      …and locate the image you want to convert.

      Converting Images 1.2

      Now the image is mounted, you need to,
    • Open Alcohol 120% and click on “Image Making Wizard”
    • Choose the “Virtual Drive”
      …and follow the steps in “Making Images” above. When it asks you what “Image Format” you want to make, choose the type you want to convert to.


      If you are having problems with an image. You can use the following tools to try and fix them
      • CDmage
      • UltraISO
      • ISO Buster
      • WinISO

      ………….Anyone got any more good tools for fixing/editing images, please post them

      Extracting .0001 .part001
      If you have a load of files all about the same size, they are most probably in winRAR format. If you haven’t got winRAR installed, then you have to download and install it form here, you will need a crack, as you wont be able to extract more than 100mb with the “trial” version. To extract the image out of the files, do the following.
    • Right click on one the 1st part (.001 …etc)
    • WinRAR will open.
    • Choose a place to extract the files inside.
    • WinRAR will extract each part, and put it all back together, for you into the folder you choose.
    • Now the files are extracted, mount/burn or what ever fits your needs.

    Always mount an image, as by doing this you can make sure,
    • It works.
    • Its real.
    • It’s full.
    • Not corrupt files.
    • If it’s really what you want.
    • Saves mucking up a CD.
    Guide By Wizzandabe©

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    Why do you think I made a guide.

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    Here's the 3 sample ways for burning ,mounting, extracting and fixing an image
    Basic: Images usually come in .BIN And .ISO File Format.
    with each bin image a file called CUE come's which u needed it for mounting and writing images.
    1)CDR Win 5
    1)CDR Win 5
    • Uses of this software
    • Note
    • Intro
    • Mounting image using CDRWIN
    • Writing image to CD using CDRWIN
    Uses of this software:
    • 1:1 copy
    • Writing images
    • Mounting image
    • Creating Data cd
    • Creating Audio cd
    • Creating Video cd
    • Creating Mix mode cd
    • Creating Super Video cd
    Note: You Dont need .CUE file When using cdrwin

    1: for mounting images use this option
    2:for writing images on CD use this option
    3:Virtual CDROm which will be used as dummy cdrom for mounting images and it will be placed in MY COMPUTER after installing CDRWIN
    4:Folder Explorer
    5:File Browser
    6:Selected file will be droped in this window after draging it from File Browser window

    Mounting image using CDRWIN:
    1)Select Test Image
    2)Browse your Image file
    3)drag and drop it into Window #6
    If ur file contains AutoRun file it will open Auto if not then Goto MY COM and open Virtual CDRom ull find ur Mounted File there.

    Writing image to CD using CDRWIN:
    1)Select "Write CD/DVD Image"
    2)Browse your image file
    3)drag and drop it into Window #6
    4)Click start to begain burning

    • Uses of this software
    • Intro
    • Making an image from CD
    Uses of this software:[list][*]Explorering CD [*]Explorer all kind of image file's[*]Creating all kind of images from CD[*]Extracting all kind of images

    1:Drive selecter which contains CD if you want to make image
    2:Drive and image Explorer
    3:File Browser
    4:For opening Image file use this button

    Making an image from CD
    1)Insert your CD
    2)Choose your drive from Drive selecter
    3)On window #2 right click Track 1
    4)Select "Extract track 01"
    5)Choose what type of image u want(usually "extract Raw data (.bin .iso))
    6)select where to create image file

    Extracting image
    Note: Create an empty folder before extracting image
    1)click on "Open Image file"
    2)Select your image
    3)On menu #2 right click image name with full blue arrow
    4)select extract data from right click menu
    5)select where to extract image
    • Uses of this software
    • Intro
    • Repairing images
    • Making .Cue file
    Uses of this software
    • Image repairing
    • Exploring images
    • extracting images

    1:Image exploring window
    2:Click it to start cheaking image for corruption
    3:Repair Corrupted Sector click on it to start fixing corrupted sector

    Repairing images
    1)click open file
    2)select your file( you need .cue file)
    3)if you dont have cue file select "RAW Image"

    4)Click "Scan For Corruption" and wait untill it finish cheaking
    5)Click "Repair Corrupted Sector"
    6)Click "ReBuild Sector" if there is any corrupted file left

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    you should add at the end that sometimes it can't be repaired, but you might be able to rebuild the image
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    Originally posted by DarthInsinuate@7 October 2003 - 17:54
    you should add at the end that sometimes it can't be repaired, but you might be able to rebuild the image
    rebuilding sectors r not perfect all time, sometime it cuased removing some sectors from image and like this some parts wont install

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    That screenshot is not from the real CDRWin, the one that made the .bin/.cue format popular.

    The real CDRWin is owned by GoldenHawk and the latest version is only 3.9E.
    Real CDRWin website ->

    The fake CDRWin is based in Germany and the latest version is 5.0. They took advantage of CDRWin's popular name to fool people in downloading what they thought was the real deal.
    Fake CDRWin website ->
    They even took advantage of the domain name.

    I would stay away from that crap.

    More about this here.

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    KCF is a handy tool to fix corruption CDmage can't
    it redownloads only the corrupted sections you define
    (only works for files dl'ed with kazaa)

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    Originally posted by Wizzandabe@17 September 2003 - 20:21
    If you are having problems with an image. You can use the following tools to try and fix them………….ANYONE GOT THE NAMES “I FORGOT THEM”
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    wut's the site for alcohol 120%?

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