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Thread: Downloaded Movies?

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    Does any one know how i can join a .cue and .bin file without burning it to disk?? as i want to keep it on my Hard Drive??

    (I Have Nero 6 if this is any help?)


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    what do you mean by join

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    -To put or bring together so as to make continuous or form a unit: join two boards with nails; joined hands in a circle.
    -To put or bring into close association or relationship: two families that were joined by marriage; join forces.
    -To connect (points), as with a straight line.
    -To meet and merge with: where the creek joins the river.
    -To become a part or member of: joined the photography club.
    -To come into the company of: joined the group in the waiting room.
    -To participate with in an act or activity: The committee joins me in welcoming you.
    -To adjoin.
    -To engage in; enter into: Opposing armies joined battle on the plain.

    TO put to things together into one.

    Basically you need extract the mpg's out of the bin, I am not the one for this though but it has been addressed quite a few times. Search the board ye'shall find.

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    use vcdgear( to convert .bin/.cue files to mpeg
    or you can use a virtual drive(daemon tools) to play .bin/.cue without converting/burning

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    Originally posted by deadpool2e@17 September 2003 - 22:41

    Does any one know how i can join a .cue and .bin file without burning it to disk?? as i want to keep it on my Hard Drive?? 

    (I Have Nero 6 if this is any help?)

    Alright there mate, I use a programme called isobuster and it saves me plenty of cdr's as you can extract data from an iso or bin file without burning to disk,( is this what you mean?).
    I hav'nt downloaded many movies that have been image files but it works for games so should be fine for a/v files too .
    you know how that when you burn an image to disk with nero you get that cannot find end track, or device reset or some other bollox that i suspect have been put there to waste a random number of disks so that every disk you write is'nt guaranteed to get beond 98% then buffer underrun Etc?
    Well isobuster (all one word,) saves you this providing that you have room on your hard drive, (2>4 gig should be enough space for 1 to 2 cd images and their extracted data.
    You have to make sure that all data , (if on more than one image, for games only, doe'snt apply for films as they are two separate files anyway,) is copied to the same folder, making sure that you dont overwrite any files on either image extraction in the process.
    Use of this programme gets easier over time and as I have said saves disks aplenty, you know when you get a crc error during install? with cd's you have just wasted one or maybe two disks, and the time taken to download files in first place.
    With "Isobuster" , all that you loose is download time if programme says that archive contains errors, but if it doe's extract properly you can then burn movie to cd with nero , or watch film and delete from hdd if crap or burn to disk if good quality.
    It takes time to deal with installing games from isobusters extraction , but it is simple enough to work out, dont have to worry about running out of cd,s if you have a big hdd , keep them untill fed up watching then delete or burn to disk.
    Anyway, programme might help, dont know about my guide as to how it works , just to say that it doe's , extremely well .
    ttfn Cockboy! not gay! (soon to be changing name to d2d)

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    play in in videolan it play bins
    are vcd easy to extrack the mpg

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@17 September 2003 - 23:23
    play in in videolan it play bins
    are vcd easy to extrack the mpg
    yup if its a movie just put it in videolan

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    Use VCDGear to extract the .MPG out of the .BIN.

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    Thanks everone, i will try what has been suggested.

    i basicly want to convert downloaded .avis , divx,xvid file dack to dvd format, but have got some file that are cue and bins.

    thanks again


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