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Thread: Change IP Address with a wireless router

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    First open up your internet browser and type in the url to get to your router settings page. Such as with a linksys router, would be

    I will demonstrate this with a DD-wrt firmware, which is different than the default linksys router firmware.

    You're going to have to navigate yourself to the mac address page. With me, it's called "mac address clone"
    With me i set it to enable and it shows my mac address twice. On the second one, simply change a character or two and click apply/save.
    You're going to notice that your internet will stop and you have to unplug and plug your router in. once you connect to the internet again you should have a different ip address.

    Not all of our routers are the same so things are going to be a bit different for you, unless you have the same firmware that i do.
    I hope for anyone trying this that you will be able to do this. I used to think it didn't but i tried yesterday and it did.


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    Are you sure this works on any wireless router... its interesting and oh so simple.

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    That doesn't change the modem "hard IP address".

    Before trying any other methods to change your IP address, try turning off (or unplugging the power of) your Cable/DSL modem for five minutes. In many cases this will change your IP address. However, if that does not change your IP address, repeat the process for 8 hours (overnight works well) instead of 5 minutes. Hopefully this will result in an IP change.


    From a prompt:



    Your router might also have handy buttons to do it in the config.

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    If you have static IP obviously this doesnt work. This only changes your LAN IP not your WAN IP so useless IMO.

    On the other hand if you have dynamic IP, this would work but instead, it would be easier just to restart the router.
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    so, is there anyway to spoof your wan ip?

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    to hide my ip i use hide-my-ip its good i used the trial and i like it, i have tried unpluging my modem and router i tried almost everything and nothing changed my ip so if u wanna have 14 days trial of hide my ip go download it from the official website


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