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Thread: NDS Roms

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    After buying the R4DS for my daughter (came with 1GB micro SD), I went ahead and bought me and my gf DSs, two TTDSs, and two 4GB micro SDs.

    I got the DSs for $117 a piece, the TTDSs for $6.30 a piece, and the micro SDs for $8 a piece.

    I have roms up to 2496 but some rom numbers skip. I think due to some games being Japanese.

    Anyway does anyone have a list (preferably in text format) of all roms up to date?

    I want to have all of them (the US and brat ones mostly).

    I must say that the DS is pretty nifty with TTDS. I might even get a belt clip for the thing since it plays movies and music using the Moonshell player.
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    the only 2 sites you need for your ROMs are

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    I and BCG for the NDS packs use that program along with torrentzip for the roms.


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