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Thread: Level 8+ invite

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    I will giveoout invite to level 8+ tracker invite

    Applicants and rules:
    1.Post 4 ratio proofs here(I may ask for direct profile links) or PM me 4 direct profile links
    3.Tell me some good reasons why I must give you the invite
    4.Tell me how you take care of the account
    5.PM me what tracker are you thinking which I am giving(You must say the same tracker which I am giving)
    6.No liers if you lie I will not consider for any of future giveaways
    7.Convince me

    Lets start the applicants

    I will take time for givingout this invite

    If the invitee satisfies me then I will giveout other invite to the same tracker and another invite to other level8+ tracker so users who are confident that they will be good users only apply

    If your banned on any tracker tell me why you are banned in pm also no problem

    ps:I will give this invite to a good seeder
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    WHAT IS Level 8 ???

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    Sounds like an information gathering scam to me.
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    Sites from this level and up are very difficult if not impossible to obtain.


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    almost positive that this is a ftn invite...

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    Say goodbye to your acc. ;]

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    level.8+ is "equal" or "above"
    but, "above" is impossible. right?
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    I'm pretty skeptical of this offer since only recently you requested an invite to a level 3 tracker, a 0day one at that. That and the "satisfaction" clause of your offer is a nice loophole. But hey, I could be completely wrong and this thread may be the opposite of a recent BS offer (by another poster) of a level 5 invite.

    Maybe you could post some sort of proof that you're on this level 8 tracker (screenshot with today's date would go a long way - and you can block out the name of the tracker, even though there's only one level 8 tracker).

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    glad to see next fake ga

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