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Thread: Vid Problems

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    after installing a game when I tried to play it and I get the message " your video card appears to be incapable of hardware acceleration" any ideas? my vid card is Radeon Fsc version 7000 and I have the latest drivers Os winMe P-4 1400mhz 512 ram the game is called Disney's villains revenge

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    Have you downloaded the latest directx drivers?make sure that you have the 4 in one via driver pack installed as this has extra agp stuff without which games probably wont work properly.
    Is that game the only game you cant get running?
    If so , count yourself lucky as there are a good dozen games that just wont try with my pc which is 2gig processor,512 ddr mem , gf4 ti4200 , sb live player ,120 gig hdd plus rest of bits to make pc go.
    Still cant get all games to run, some are just like that, anyway is'nt the 7000 3 years old? I haave an old 7200 gathering dust now as it was'nt up to the task of modern games at a good resolution.
    try settings for game and disable h/w t&l if there , then it might work.
    try directx troubleshooter to see if you can run the direct 3d tests and that all files for directx are correct, thats all i can do for you , best of luck, but, villian's revenge?


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