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Thread: looking for a spot on a seedbox

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    not ovh though, the ftp speeds from ovh are absolutely horrid.
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    Well, OVH is the cheapest.

    If you don't mind transferring files from the server to a file host (RapidShare , MegaUpload) or another FTP then you I'd suggest you to get a OVH slot.

    Or maybe try multi threads while downloading.

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    I could get you a spot on my seedbox, but it's from OVH. However the good thing is that it would be free until I finish setting it up and making the offers/website.
    But basically, the main offer should look like this:
    Shared Seedbox (3 users maximum)
    HDD space: 70GB
    Numer of active torrents: 7
    Bandwidth: unlimited
    FTP access
    µTorrent 1.8.2 WebUI & TorrentFlux-b4rt 1.0-beta2 (clients available within TorrentFlux-b4rt: BitTornado 0.3.18 + Transmission 1.42 + BitTorrent mainline 5.2.0)
    Setup fee: 3€

    CPU: Intel Celeron 220
    RAM: 1GB
    Connection speed: 100Mbps
    Of course, once I start offering the spots for money, you can leave and not pay anything.

    contact Windows Live Messenger:

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    you dont transfer from ftp, you transfer via http and you will get fast speeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iam1337 View Post
    you dont transfer from ftp, you transfer via http and you will get fast speeds.
    ??? If a server has a second NIC with a bind to FTP, speeds will be equal to HTTP... But hey, who am I to judge?


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