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Thread: 2009 PTN Authorized Recruitment (2nd)

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    Once again...

    There is no catch here. I don't have to know you. I will simply be looking at your history and profiles. I don't need or require rep points. I do have lots of friends and you can therefore rest assured that if there is something that reflects negatively about you, I will find out. The point being...Be honest. It goes along way...Better for you to tell me now than for someone to tell me later! You will become part of my invite tree...So believe me I will scrutinize your app.

    If I do know you and what kind of user you already are we can forgo the app. ONLY IF I KNOW YOU, though!

    If you are a current trader, please do not waste our time. If you have traded in the past but are "retired" then you might still have an opportunity. If you retired anytime in the last few months then please don't bother. I would ask or require more time to ensure that you have in fact changed your ways.

    I welcome everyones feedback on this thread in regards to the potential invitees...If you want to recommend them then feel free. If you have some dirt on them that is legit and can be backed up then also feel free to post. So in order for this to work properly I will only consider people who first post here... "PM sent!" or something to that fact. If you do not post in this thread before you PM me your app then I will not consider your app. I will delete your PM without reading...If you don't have the consideration to read this then I am not inclined to read what you have to say.

    Make sure you read the above before PMing me your answers!!! It will be obvious if you haven't and I will delete your PM without reading!

    1) How old are you and where are you from? Here at PtN we have an international community and users from every age group and we want to know how you fit in.

    2) Why do you want to join this tracker? How did you hear about PtN and why do you want to join us?

    3) How active will you be if you get accepted? Here at PtN, we strive to be an active tracker as well as online community, hence we want only active users that will post in forums and download torrents regularly. No room for collectors.

    4) Provide 4 profile links of your most used trackers. We need to see how well you are doing on your other trackers. Whether you have good torrent practices or not because we want only the best for PtN.

    5) How long do you keep your files seeding? PtN has no ratio, so we like to know how long will you contribute to file seeding for the benefit of the other users.

    6) What is your experience level with torrents? Do you know how to forward and optimize your torrent client? Do you know how to rip, encode, upload torrents?

    7) What do you think you can offer PtN? Tell us why you would make a welcome addition to PtN. Do you have any other special skills that may interest or be useful to our community.

    8) Have you ever traded before? If so when was the last time you traded after retiring? Be honest! Trust me that lies will eventually be found out. Honesty pays.

    9) What are your views on trading (accounts and/or invites). There are merits to every view, so we would like to know what is your take on this matter.

    10) Are you easily offended by jokes and pranks?

    11) If a friend you just met recently on an online forum asks you what is PtN and whether it's a great place, what will you tell him about us? This is not a trick question. You may discuss the tracker in a private matter with a friend. I understand that this question is hard to answer since you are not yet a member...Just do your best.

    12) Your email address:

    Anal is the only form of birth control shown to be 100% effective. Even abstinence failed once.

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    great tracker , excelent comunity
    good work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samurai84 View Post
    great tracker , excelent comunity
    good work
    better ingredients, better pizza, papa johns

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    Just sent a PM. Thanks

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    pm sent

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    Good luck to all. PTN is a great place with lots of good members.

    PS. don't forget to visit the forum often once you're in.


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    Very nice chance for those worthy within the FST community.

    Best of luck to those who express interest An amazing tracker, and simply awesome community.


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    If i had the time to be super active on their forums the way that this great site deserve then this is the site i wanted to be in but sadly i have me bullshit academic degree that i have got to take care of first.

    But as far as i know this is a great site with extremely great community so good luck to u all and once again thank you bumrocks for giving us the chance...
    Last edited by battues; 02-25-2009 at 05:43 AM.

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    as always ,nice thread bumrock ,to all people who do not have PTN this is the best movies tracker available with a unique system & very nice forums ,this is a golden chance to join this great tracker ,do not miss it ,be honest & answer the questions carefully & sure you will be considered ,good luck to all .

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    PM sent!

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