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Thread: Problem Writing DVD

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    I M Using Nero8
    I Convert Downloaded Movies in AVI Format to MPEG4 and then Burn a Data Disc..
    But The Problem is - I M A n00b...

    Everytime i try playing my Files..they come in Letterbox shapes.

    Help Me In Making DVD of AVI Files so that they can be played Directly on a DVD Player.

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    don't know where
    look like there is no problem with writing on dvd ?
    only problem when you want to watch movie there is letterbox?
    letterbox about aspect ratio of movie 4:3 or 16:9 you cant edit this(well you can edit and crop or stretch but when you done this scene look crapy)
    and there is a tool in nero for making own dvd look it you can add subtitle crop stretch the movie and ofc convert file formats

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    If you just get a dvd player that plays divx then burn the dvds as a udf dvd with nero then they will play them since they are already in avi, that way you will not have to convert them, one thing though, when you get the movies, the movies that are in divx and xvid will work but the ones that are in h264 will probably not work unless converted, so just get the movies that are already in divx or xvid


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