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Thread: Maileet Send Files Thought Email

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    This program claims to be able send large files though email by spliting them up into small files, just hope your mailbox is big enough.

    Maileet is a powerful file transfer tool for Windows NT4, 2000 and XP. It's the only solution for sending and receiving files even if the peers are behind a massive firewall.

    Firewalls - Maileet uses mail servers to transfer files, and because virtually any computer accepts emails, firewalls are not an issue any more. Send and receive files even if you are behind the meanest firewall.

    Encryption - Maileet uses AES encryption to protect your privacy. You can also set your own encryption password to maximize security and privacy.

    File Size - Maileet can transfer any file size to its recipients. Even if your Mailbox size is tiny, Maileet cuts the file into small segments and manages the transfer. The recipient's client will download the file segment by segment.

    One Upload Multi Downloads - Maileet inherits one of the best properties of the email service. You can send a file to many recipients with only one single upload. Sending a file to your associates has never been easier.

    Speed - Maileet zips each segment before it sends it. The upload and download are from your ISP so speeds are quite good.

    Bandwidth - Many ISPs don't count the bandwidth you take when you access your mail box, so if you got a bandwidth limit on downloads, Maileet is ideal.

      And Tons more...

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    If this works i'm pumped....

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    I was suprised that this hasn't been done sooner...
    Very nice.

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    I've just got to wonder if the isp would put a limit on your mailbox when they notice you have 1.4 gb(2 cd movie) in you email account, never mind a dvd- r


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