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Thread: Google wants to join EU case against Microsoft

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    Google wants to join EU case against Microsoft

    February 24, 2009

    An interesting point on the mobile phone market... What does everyone think about this? Is the mobile market a true apples to apples comp? While IE clearly isn't the most popular browser, I definitely agree that it being packaged with the O/S gives MSFT certain advantages - but have they even capitalized on these advantages? When I see a not so savvy pc user in my family double-click the IE, isn't this a competitive advantage?

    Quote from Googles VP of Product Development,
    "Google believes that the browser market is still largely uncompetitive, which holds back innovation for users. This is because Internet Explorer is tied to Microsoft's dominant computer operating system, giving it an unfair advantage over other browsers. Compare this to the mobile market, where Microsoft cannot tie Internet Explorer to a dominant operating system, and its browser therefore has a much lower usage. The value of competition for users (even in the limited form we see today) is clear: tabbed browsing, faster downloads, private browsing features, and more."
    Source: Google wants to join EU case against Microsoft
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    Google vs Microsoft?

    Jesus... I want to see that...


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