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Thread: REQ: What or Waffles...

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    Ok guys...first off...i'd like to tell everyone that i did not plan to make my first request before i had at least 500 posts up...but since this is an emergency i just had to.

    I reloaded my OS today and due to some(very LARGE) misfortune i formatted my music partition instead of my primary partition. Now i was heartbroken at losing that collection, i mean, i had been building up all that since the days of Dialups, i still remember the first time i did a 100 mb plus download on a dial-up, and to lose all that was really shattering, now i am a member at STmusic and though they have a respectable collection, there many albums just aren't there and the older torrents aren't that well seeded.
    I've heard that it's quite hard to keep a ratio at both these trackers but i can promise you that i'll try my best!I can give a ratio proof and a speedtest if you like.

    and i admit i'm still relatively new to the Private Tracker scene(not the BT scene), i've learnt a lot from fst.

    but still, it's up to you if you'd like to, i may be able to build my collection again even without them though it may require some searchin and a lot of time, but i thought i would ask anyways.


    EDIT:Request Completed! Thanks FST!
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