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Thread: No Joy?

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    Hardly any of the films im downloadin actually work! i dont no why because they all seem very good! i keep gettin errors in Easy Video Splitter sayin that the file i just opened wasnt a video file? but ive watched bitas of it on BS player and it works? n e body no wots happenin cos dis is so annoyin and duz ne body no of n e good software 2 use 2 create VCD's and split movies? or both at once? Cheers 4 n e help!!

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    install k-lite codec pack and folow guide in sig.
    Better guides of course available at or

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    Use Virtualdub to correct any errors in the movie file. Also go to Doom9 like Toddiscool said and read the guides there. For a program to make vcd/svcd I would suggest Dvd2svcd, also on the Doom9 website. Just have a look around there and you will find a lot of usefull information.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.


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