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Thread: Problems With Movies?

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    I don't know if anyone has had the same problems as me. I donwloaded a couple of recent movies on bittorent. The quality is excellent as they are DVD rips, and they play brilliant on the pc....but not on my DVD player (most other films I have done play perfect). I've noticed when I use tmpgenc to encode them there is a message at the beginning saying 'Nothing to Output - Bframe decoder lag'????
    Is this some kind of encryption on the actual disc??

    Just wondering if anyone could offer any insight into this problem.I tried reinstalling tmpgenc (lastest version) in case that had a bug...but still the same.

    Just seems kinda weird that it happens to be two very recent films and both DVD rips.

    I carried on letting one of the films decode, burned it to CD then played it. The sound was excellent and the film still played but it was really blotchy and unwatchable.

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    well are they avi/xvid/ ect?
    are is it a dvd 4gigs or so?
    can it play in videolan
    if so reload tempegnc (from my sig)
    and look into kvcd
    come back & let me know

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    Thanks for replying

    Only info I have at the moment is I got both the links from here Matrix Reloaded and Bullet Proof Monk

    Matrix is a 2 cd rip and BPM is 1 cd....both are XViD i believe
    They both play perfectly in PowerDVD on the pc and i don't have any error messages if I try to open them in Virtualdub or Tmpgenc

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    If u havnt already done so...u could goto the envionment setting>V/plugings then increase the directshow filter to the top of the normally solves alot of issues with avi's and tmpgenc.

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    He makes a good point if movies are you thing dont be bothering with Real player Windows media player or Winamp go get yourself Powerdvd or even Windvd.
    They are much better media players.


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