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Thread: Portable appz?

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    I dont know many other places but this blog is my favourite when it comes to this they are like really good and have alot of content,for almost every software they have a full portable version(just saw dreamweaver CS4 of a mere 55MB).

    also what do u guys think of portable appz?personally i recall having serious problems with the full untweaked factory version of nero i had like 1 fail in every 5 burns.but on trying the portable version,things were running so smoothly that i decided to remove the OG and keep the modified portable one as default..i also think software manufacturers should begin to take notice and start creating the portable software themselves..
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    ... i think it is always an andvantage when you get an software portable

    it would never doubt you into travel like installed versions // using dlls and doing registry "tweaks"

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    look at u3,Thats the best portable device around and its secured with a password that encrypts the usb drive from prying eyes
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