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Thread: Snow/Leaves plugin on Ubuntu 8.10

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    Feb 2009
    Anyone knows how to install either snow or the falling leaves plugin on 8.10?
    I've searched for installation guides etc, but I've only found old guides that are for older versions.


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    as i remember... the white snow was an beryl plugin?!
    und rain was possible i think...

    that my help

    but i think if you got an fresh install of ubuntu. in case there runs compiz?!

    suddenly found out compiz and beryl are working on the same nowadays

    so just get the following file:


    in this package you'll find these snowy raini things

    to install just unpack it
    and then change to unpacked folder and type:
    ./configure --prefix=/usr
    sudo checkinstall


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    Thanks a lot, unknown_error
    I will try this later today when I get home.


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