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View Poll Results: Do You still buy VHS Video's?

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Thread: Do U Still Buy Vhs

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    Just asking does any 1 still buy or rent Videos ( VHS) , cos if i want a new movie it has 2 b on DVD or i won't even bother , same goes if iam going 2 rent a movie from Blockbuster, if it's not DVD then it's not worth it...

    but pornstar producer Seymore Butts, says that VHS has still got a gud 3 years yet...

    but VHS is just seems 2 out of date now,

    any 1 feel the same

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    what is VHS

    i am just joking, no i dont buy VHS and i dont even buy DVDs anymore (god bless kazaa, BT and MIRC)

    VHS was the crap format of movies, still it was the best thing about 2-3 years ago

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    Yeah I hear you,since I got a Dvd player that's the only format I buy.
    Wanted to buy some Benny Hill videos a while back but they only had vhs format,so I skipped it.
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    VHS will die, a slow and painful death.

    I haven't bought a vhs tape in over 3 years now.

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    I'm reluctant to give up my vcr because I still tape lots of stuff off tv. That's the only reason I still have one.

    VHS in video stores is dying and it won't be long before they're gone altogether.

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    my local videostore still sticks to the vhs Only the blockbusters are available on dvd there.So i hardly go there anymore.After enjoying the high quality images and sound of dvd(and extra's) I never want to rent or buy vhs again!it's just not the same.And they get even worse after playing them frequently.

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    I still buy VHS cause are cheap and here in Europe the VHS are still alive.You know how much cost a DVD in EUROPE?Ex:Star Wars Trylogy cost 140 euros ,if i buy the same thing on VHS cost only 60 euros.

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    VHS is deffinetly history very soon.I had a collection of over 200 movies which I sold of for a couple of Quid each.Now it's only DVD's, in most places the're very cheap to buy anyway.
    The ones I can't download I buy them if the're really good.

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    I dont even own vcr anymore.I never watch alot of tv or follow soaps so never needed it for recording so just got rid of it and the films.Besides u can buy home hard-drives and dvd recorders now if i record of t.v.

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    Besides u can buy home hard-drives and dvd recorders now if i record of t.v.
    r fuck man i wud luv a DVD Recorder, 2 tape stuff of the TV Metrostars games wud b amazing

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