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Thread: seed for a week?/cheapest seedbox?

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    Hello everyone. Do any hosts offer a plan for just a week, I have only 2 ratios that need to be fixed. If not, what is the cheapest way I could go for a month plan? I don't need a hella amount of space, this would just be for fixing some rations. A gig or two would be fine, unmetered upload would be a nice plus.

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    Funny, there's one advertising just in the top-right corner. No clue about the reputation on delivering as promised but all their plans are based on weeks.

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    Wow their prices are cheap

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    For only one week yes, but if you want a whole month...

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    lol nvm i thought it was for 1 month>> :S

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    Thanks for reading my earlier reply, then...
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    I just found they have a month plan at $8.00 for 5 gigs of storage. Looks like that is about the best I can get. Any reason I should stay away?

    edit:yikes, I just did a search on them on this forum, and not good things. Had pretty good pricing. Might just get that week on xirvik
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