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Thread: Counterstrike

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    If we do not come up with a plan the RIAA will keep sueing people who download music. As many of you know if you play war games you can make a road fairly bumpy for an enemy. Well, I propose that we should make a very bumpy road for the RIAA. You do not have much powerful as in individual online, but your words can make a difference. The government has not really interfered with the RIAA's doing. They countiue to target Americans and not other people in different countries. Please visit and find your senators for your state. Next, send them an e-mail asking them to do something about the RIAA. Tell them your concerns and possibly act laws against them. You will get a response. I e-mail my senator about 6 months ago and she gave me a personal response. If you do it, the same should happen.

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    I registered at your Boycott forum, but I didn't receive the confirmation link in my email inbox (meaning I cannot view any of the forum's posts). So then I went back to the forum, and clicked on Resend Validation Email, then checked my inbox, but still no luck.
    Is this a problem, or is it just that you haven't completely finished setting up the forum yet?

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    Since day one.........all I do is e-mail.........

    It is now a daily habit....until the "fuckers" leave us alone!!

    Be well.......

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    We are in the process of setting up our website and the forums. I am going to look into becoming a non profit organization. I think it may be around $20 or so to do it through Matthew Lesko's book. We are also going to open up a main site with hopefully tons of information. I've also considered possibly looking for loopholes in the system. I really do want to start up a site to raise a million against this corporation, because of what they did to that 12-year-old girl. It makes me think of the other people they may sue next. The RIAA also goes against my business ethnics. I am setting up a nice clean business, but were not going to sue people if they do not pay. I will give them a month to pay and if something is wrong about getting the money together i'll extend their deadline.

    The forums are working.

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    The forums are working.
    Good, I can access them OK now.

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    Yes, this is the only way I can help put an end to the RIAA at least for the moment. I just want to get people to start writing to senators, because I got a reply from my senator via US Mail.


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