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Thread: [Request] TranceRoute

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    hello there!
    well, i'm from spain and i'm living on brazil at this year...
    my english is not so good, so sorry for that! i'm learning a little more yet...

    i'm a huge fan of electronic music, especially trance, of course.
    i'm already a member of tt, but for the things i've hearded about trancerout of my friends than already a members, on trance especifically, tranceroute is better...

    well, being better or not, i'll really appreciate if i could receive an invitation to join tranceroute.

    i've accounts on some trackers, if you need any ratio proof, don't hesitate to ask me!

    but, please, anyone could help me with that?

    thanks in advance!!!

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    show some proffs

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    you've got mail.
    Ill talk to you privately about it.

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    pm me your email

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    thanks, chec, for invitation! you're awesome!!!

    mods., please close this thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by felipemc View Post
    mods., please close this thread...
    You can close it yourself via Thread Tools


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