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Thread: Download Rate For Age Of Wonders 2 Is Abysmal

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    I'm on a broadband (cable) modem in Ontario, Canada. I've been trying to download "Age of Wonders 2: Shadowmagic" for the past 2 weeks. As of right now I've downloaded 17% of the file. My download rate RARELY goes over 1Kb, and then immediately plummets to something like 0.05Kb. At the current rate it will take me roughly 8 more weeks to get the file.

    I've downloaded large files before, and never with such terrible rates. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could some of you try and download the file yourselves and see if your rates are as terrible as mine?

    The tile is "FULL_Age_of_Wonders_SM", the file size is 513493Kb

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    Originally posted by BuzuBuzu@18 September 2003 - 19:41
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Have you tried fiddling with the accelerator settings and Supernodes?
    You could also try to download it with Bittorent...

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    I've lowered the time between cycles in the accelerator to 30s (the lowest), other then that I didn't see any options that would really make a difference. This is the only file I'm downloading.

    You mentioned supernodes ... I understand their analogous to servers on the Kazaa network ... how do I change which supernodes I have access to, and more importantly how do I figure out which supernodes will make my download go faster?

    what is bittorrent?

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    First of all: what version of kazaa lite are you using? There is an accelerator in versions 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 that works far better than the previous ones: you can set them to search for more sources until you reach a certain download speed (I have set mine to look for source until my dls reach 50 kb/s...)

    Then, supernodes ( from the FAQ) :
    What is a Supernode?

    Supernodes are an essential part of the network. When being a Supernode, other users in your neighbourhood will automatically upload to your machine a small list of files they are sharing, whenever possible using the same Internet Service Provider or located in the same region as you. When they search they send the search request to you as a Supernode. This request will also be forwarded to other supernodes. The results are then send back to the user. The actual download will be directly from the computer who is sharing the file, not from you. The download goes from them to the person who wants it, peer-to-peer.
    Any computer using Kazaa (Lite) can become a Supernode if they have a modern computer and are accessing the Internet with a broadband connection. Being a Supernode does not affect your performance noticeably.

    Is it harmfull for my computer to be a Supernode?

    No. Being a Supernode helps other users. Other computers connect to you, and your computer does the searching for them. Your Supernode communicates with other Supernodes worldwide to help other members search the network. The amount of CPU resources that can be used by a Supernode is limited to 10% of the total CPU power available - you will in general not even notice if your computer is functioning as a Supernode!

    How do I change my current Supernode?

    Simple. Just disconnect and re-connect in Kazaa Lite. This will change the supernode most of the time.

    Then, there is also a tool called Kazupernode that helps you managing supernodes (it's included in kazaa lite), you will find tips for using it there:

    And last, a guide to bittorent ( another great P2P program):

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    Has any one considered that the person that he's dl'ing from has a crappy connection and no software will save him......

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    Originally posted by Dieris@19 September 2003 - 01:27
    Has any one considered that the person that he's dl'ing from has a crappy connection and no software will save him......
    yep, maybe I should have posted the good old :rtfaq: before typing all this!

    But what I'd like to know is if any of these tips have worked!

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    Your tips were very insightfull, but my download rate has not improved much.

    I can get in excess of 1000 different users sharing the file in question (so it doesn't seem to be such a rare file), but I can't connect to most of them, and whenever I do I can't squeeze more then a 0.1 Kbyte out of any of the sources.

    I've tried to set up optimal options - 150 sources per file, accelerator cycles every 30s, accelerator only ignores items with rates of 50Kb or more, etc.

    I've tried connecting to different supernodes (by restarting Kazaa or by clicking the option under the File menu). I've tried using KaNAT (because I'm behind a router).

    I'm using Kazaa Lite K++ v2.4.2. I have not tried Bittorrent yet, I hate installing new stuff that may be redundant on my computer, so its kind of a last resort of sorts.

    But please, can any of you try to start the download in question? See if you get rates just as terrible ... the results may not mean much, but if your rates are just as crappy, I'll know its not just rain on MY parade.

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    Sounds like your getting shaped by your ISP try changing ports, try port 80 for a start.

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    Originally posted by junkyardking@20 September 2003 - 08:09
    Sounds like your getting shaped by your ISP
    what do you mean?

    I've downloaded large movie files with great rates before, its just this file that has me boggled. Can my ISP (Cogeco Cable Ontario) selectively limit my bandwidth?

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    Try it with other files, if the speed is ok it's not the isp then.

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