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Thread: Age Of Wonders 2 Shadow Magic D/l Rate Is Abysmal

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    I'm on a broadband (cable) modem in Ontario, Canada. I've been trying to download "Age of Wonders 2: Shadowmagic" for the past 2 weeks. As of right now I've downloaded 17% of the file. My download rate RARELY goes over 1Kb, and then immediately plummets to something like 0.05Kb. At the current rate it will take me roughly 8 more weeks to get the file.

    I've downloaded large files before, and never with such terrible rates. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could some of you try and download the file yourselves and see if your rates are as terrible as mine?

    The tile is "FULL_Age_of_Wonders_SM", the file size is 513493Kb

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    Thats maybe cuz it has little or no Seeders, leechers....

    Im downloading Crash team racing and i barely get over 1 kb/seg, but if i download something else i get up to 30 Kb/seg, i have a Cable Connection too....

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    BuzuBuzu - I LOVE the first 1 (still one of my favorite games ever), but the second 1 is awful, don't waste your time.


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