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Thread: Tmpgenc

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    I really want to convert an avi to mpg (movie) with the program TMPGEnc but it keeps giving the wrong screen size.I have been looking around and I've tried about 60 different settings (the best one would be full screen, but is full screen on the computer also full screen on my tv?) and every settng is wrong. and also lots of terms I have no idea what they are (interlace?) so that doesn't really help me either.
    I am sure some of you do know and could you please tell me what's a good setting.

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    There's no need to mess about with most of the settings, especially if you don't know what you are doing.
    And if you are trying to make widescreen movie into full-screen for your tv it will either crop the sides off or stretch the picture, either way it looks a bit crap. I would just stick to the same aspect ratio as the source avi.


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