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Thread: Filename Extensions Dictionary

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    Filename extensions are used to tell which program created the file.

    .$$$ ---- Temporary file
    .001 ---- FAX
    .1 ---- A Unix nroff source file.
    .1st ---- Text Readme
    .2gr ---- A file that allows Windows to display text and graphics in standard mode- 286 or 386 computer
    .301 ---- Fax
    .386 ---- Swap file; enables computer running in enhanced mode to use Windows with virtual memory
    .3ds ---- Graphics (3D Studio)
    .3gr ---- A file that allows Windows to display text and graphics in standard mode- 386, 486, or Pentium computer
    .411 ---- Sony Mavica Data file
    .4th ---- Forth (language) source code
    .8 ---- A86 assembler source code file
    .8med ---- Amiga OcatMed music
    .8svx ---- Amiga 8-bit sound
    .669 ---- 669 MOD Music
    .906 ---- Calcomp plotter
    .!im ---- Multimedia image file.
    ._ad ---- Multimedia audio file.
    ._au ---- Multimedia audio file.
    ._im ---- Multimedia image file.
    .a ---- Assembly Source Code
    .a ---- Unix library
    .a ---- Ada (language) source file
    .a3l ---- MacroMedia Authorware Windows Library
    .a4m ---- Unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file
    .a4p ---- Authorware file packaged without runtime
    .a4w ---- Unpackaged Authorware Windows file
    .aam ---- Authorware (Adobe) file
    .aas ---- Authorware (Adobe) file
    .ab8 ---- Datafile (ABStat)
    .aba ---- Address Book file (Palm)
    .abf ---- Adobe Binary Format
    .abk ---- AutoBackup (Corel Draw)
    .abm ---- PhotoPlus Album File
    .abr ---- Brush (Adobe Photoshop)
    .abs ---- MPEG sound file
    .acd ---- Sonic Foundry Acid sound file
    .ace ---- a compression file format for winace
    .acf ---- Agent Character File (Microsoft)
    .acl ---- Keyboard accelerator, Corel Draw
    .acm ---- Windows system directory file
    .acmv ---- Drivers for compressing or decompressing audio files, OS/2
    .ad ---- After Dark Screen Saver
    .ada ---- Ada source file
    .add ---- Adapter Driver (OS/2)
    .adi ---- Graphics (AutoCAD)
    .adm ---- AfterDark MultiModule
    .adn ---- Add-in (Lotus 1-2-3)
    .adr ---- AfterDark Randomizer
    .ads ---- Specification file type, Ada language
    .afi ---- Truevisiion bitmap graphic
    .afm ---- Adobe Font Metrics (Type 1)
    .ag4 ---- Access G4
    .ai ---- PostScript
    .ai ---- Adobe Illustrator subset of .EPS (vector graphics)
    .aif ---- Audio Interchange File Format or AIFF Sound
    .aifc ---- AIFF Sound Compressed
    .aiff ---- AIFF Sound
    .air ---- Audio Interchange File Format or AIFF
    .al ---- ALAW Sound
    .all ---- Arts and Letters Library
    .all ---- General printer data (WordPerfect Win)
    .alt ---- Menu file (WordPerfect Win)
    .ana ---- underground text format; anarchy genre
    .ani ---- Animation
    .ani ---- Animated NeoChrome
    .ans ---- ANSI text, graphics
    .apd ---- Aldus Printer Description
    .api ---- Application Program Interface
    .app ---- MacroMedia Authorware package
    .app ---- Add-in application (Symphony)
    .app ---- Executable application
    .arc ---- Compressed file using PKARC
    .arj ---- A PC compressed format found on European sites
    .arr ---- Amber ARR Image
    .art ---- First Publisher
    .art ---- Art file, in draw or paint applications
    .asc ---- ASCII text file
    .asci ---- ASCII Text
    .ascii ---- ASCII Text
    .ascx ---- ASP.NET user control file (Microsoft)
    .asd ---- Autosave file (Word for Windows)
    .asf ---- Windows Media (Active Streaming File)
    .asf ---- Screen Font (Lotus 1-2-3)
    .asi ---- Assembler include file
    .asm ---- Assembly language source
    .asmx ---- .NET Web Service file (Microsoft)
    .asp ---- Active Server Page (Microsoft)
    .aspx ---- ASP.NET file (Microsoft)
    .ast ---- Assistant file (Claris Works)
    .asx ---- Windows Media File
    .atm ---- Adobe Type Manager
    .au ---- A sound file format used on Sun Microsystems or other UNIX computers
    .avi ---- Audio Video Interleaved (AVI movie)
    .avs ---- Intel video capture format
    .b64 ---- Base 64, encoding format used by the MIME.
    .bad ---- Bad file (Oracle)
    .bak ---- Backup file
    .bar ---- UNIX BAR Archive
    .bas ---- BASIC source file
    .bat ---- Batch job (MS-DOS)
    .bay ---- DOS batch file
    .bbs ---- Bulletin Board System
    .bcp ---- Borland C++ makefile
    .bcw ---- Borland C++ environment settings
    .bfc ---- Briefcase document (Windows)
    .bfm ---- Font metrics - UNIX
    .bga ---- OS/2 Bitmap
    .bib ---- Bibliography (ASCII)
    .bib ---- BibTex
    .bin ---- Driver
    .bin ---- A MacBinary II+ encoded file
    .binary ---- Untyped Binary Data
    .bk ---- Backup file
    .bk ---- Faxbook (JetFax)
    .bk! ---- Backup file (WordPerfect Windows)
    .bk$ ---- Backup file
    .bkf ---- Backup file (Microsoft)
    .blk ---- Temporary file (WordPerfect Windows)
    .bm ---- Bitmap graphics file
    .bmp ---- Windows Bitmap
    .bnk ---- Sim City game file
    .boo ---- BOO Encoded File
    .brx ---- Browse Index (multimedia CD-ROMs)
    .bst ---- BibTex Style
    .btm ---- Batch file (Norton Utilities
    .bup ---- Backup file
    .buy ---- Movie datafile
    .bw ---- SGI Image
    .c ---- C Source file
    .c++ ---- C++ source
    .c00 ---- Ventura Print file
    .ca ---- Cache data (root domain server)
    .cab ---- Microsoft compressed format
    .cal ---- Calendar or CALS
    .cal ---- Spreadsheet (SuperCalc)
    .cap ---- Caption (Ventura Publisher)
    .cas ---- Comma-delimted ASCII file
    .cbl ---- Cobol source file
    .cbr----This is a renamed .RAR file and can be decompressed with any .RAR file utility.
    cbt ---- Computer-Based Training; a tutorial file
    .cc ---- C++ source code file
    .cch ---- Corel chart
    .ccm ---- Lotus cc:Mail
    .cct ---- Director Shockwave file (Macromedia)
    .cda ---- CD Audio track
    .cdr ---- Vector graphics file (Corel Draw)
    .cdt ---- Corel Draw Data
    .cdx ---- Visual FoxPro database index
    .cel ---- Graphics (Autodesk Animator)
    .cfb ---- Comptons multimedia encyclopedia
    .cfg ---- Configuarion file
    .cfl ---- Corel Flow
    .cfm ---- ColdFusion Markup language
    .cgi ---- Common Gateway Interface (script)
    .cgm ---- Graphics Meta file
    .ch ---- Clipper Header file
    .chd ---- Font Description
    .chk ---- Checkdisk (CHKDSK) Recovered file
    .chk ---- Temporary file (WordPerfect Windows)
    .chl ---- Configuration History Log
    .chp ---- Chapter file (Ventura)
    .chr ---- ASCII character file (MegaZeux)
    .cif ---- Chapter Information File (Ventura)
    .cim ---- Sim City file
    .cit ---- Intergraph scanned image
    .ckb ---- Keyboard mapping (Borland C++)
    .cl ---- Common LISP source file
    .class ---- CodeWarrior Class
    .class ---- Java Class File
    .clp ---- Windows Clipboard
    .clp ---- Clip art (Quattro Pro)
    .cls ---- C++ class definition file
    .cmd ---- file of commands, OS/2 batch file
    .cmf ---- Corel MetaFile
    .cmf ---- FM-music file (Creative Music File)
    .cmf ---- SoundBlaster file
    .cmk ---- Card (Card Shop Plus)
    .cmp ---- LEAD Technologies graphics
    .cmv ---- Apple Viewer file
    .cmv ---- CorelMove (animation)
    .cmv ---- Corel Presentation Exchange Image
    .cmv ---- Corel PhotoPaint Image
    .cnc ---- general program data
    .cnf ---- Configuration file
    .cnq ---- Compuworks Design Shop
    .cnv ---- data conversion support (Word for Windows)
    .cnv ---- Temporary file (WordPerfect Windows)
    .cob ---- COBOL source code
    .cod ---- Program compiled code (FORTRAN)
    .col ---- Spreadsheet (Microsoft Multiplan)
    .com ---- Command file, excutable, smaller version of .EXE (DOS)
    .conf ---- Configuration file
    .cp ---- C++ Source file
    .cpe ---- Fax Cover document
    .cpl ---- Code Page (DOS)
    .cpl ---- Control Panel (Windows)
    .cpp ---- C++ Source file
    .cpr ---- Knowledge Access graphics
    .cpt ---- Compact Pro compressed file
    .cpx ---- Corel Presentation Exchange compressed file
    .cpz ---- COMPOZ Music text file
    .crd ---- Windows Cardfile
    .crp ---- Encrypted database (dBASE IV)
    .crs ---- Conversion Resource (WordPerfect)
    .crt ---- Digital Certificate
    .crt ---- Oracle terminal settings information
    .csc ---- Corel Script
    .csm ---- Precompiled headers (Borland C++)
    .css ---- Cascading Style Sheet, Cascading StyleSheets
    .csv ---- Comma Separated Values text file (ASCII)
    .csv ---- Comma delimited, MS Excel
    .ct ---- Scitex-CT
    .ctl ---- Control file
    .cty ---- City file (SimCity)
    .ctx ---- Ciphertext file (PGP-RSA)
    .cuf ---- C Utilities Form (definition)
    .cul ---- Windows cursor library
    .cur ---- Windows cursor image
    .cut ---- Dr. Halo graphics
    .cv ---- Microsoft CodeView
    .cvp ---- Cover page (WinFax)
    .cvs ---- Canvas graphics file
    .cwk ---- Claris Works
    .cws ---- Claris Works Template
    .cxx ---- C++ source file (Zortech)
    .dat ---- Data file
    .db ---- Database file
    .dbc ---- Visual FoxPro database
    .dbf ---- Database file
    .dbf ---- FoxBase+ file
    .dbg ---- Symbolic debugging info (C/C++)
    .dbk ---- Database backup
    .dbm ---- Datafile
    .dbo ---- Compiled Program (dBase IV)
    .dbs ---- Database (SQL Windows)
    .dbs ---- Printer description
    .dbt ---- Database Text
    .dbt ---- Database memo file
    .dbt ---- Style Memo (FoxPro)
    .dbw ---- DataBoss Windows file
    .dbx ---- DATABEAM graphics
    .dca ---- IBM text
    .dcf ---- Disk image file
    .dcp ---- Data CodePage (OS2)
    .dcr ---- Shockwave file
    .dcs ---- Color Separation (CMYK) EPS
    .dcs ---- Datafile (ACT&#33
    .dct ---- Database Dictionary
    .dct ---- Spell check dictionary
    .dcx ---- Bitmap graphics
    .dcx ---- PCX Images
    .dd ---- DiskDoubler compressed file
    .ddb ---- Bitmap graphics
    .ddi ---- Disk Doubler Image file
    .ddi ---- Diskdupe Image file
    .ddp ---- Device Driver Profile (OS2)
    .deb ---- Debug script (DOS)
    .def ---- Definition (C++)
    .dem ---- Demonstration
    .der ---- Certificate
    .dev ---- Device driver file
    .dfv ---- Printing form (Word)
    .dg ---- Autotrol graphics
    .dgn ---- Intergraph graphics
    .dgs ---- Diagnostics
    .dht ---- Datafile
    .dia ---- Diagraph graphics
    .dib ---- Device-independent bitmap graphics
    .dic ---- Dictionary (MS Word Custom Dictionary)
    .dif ---- Database (VisiCalc)
    .dif ---- Data Interchange Format (spreadsheet)
    .dip ---- Graphics
    .dir ---- Directory file (VAX)
    .dir ---- Movie file (Shockwave)
    .dir ---- Movie file (Director)
    .dis ---- Distribution file (VAX)
    .dis ---- Thesaurus (Corel)
    .diz ---- BBS Descriptive file
    .dkb ---- Raytraced graphics
    .dld ---- Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
    .dl ---- DL Animation
    .dll ---- Dynamic Link Library (Windows DLL)
    .dll ---- Export/import (CorelDRAW)
    .dls ---- Disklock Setup (Norton)
    .dmg ---- Disk Image (Mac OS X)
    .dmo ---- Demo
    .dmp ---- Dump file
    .dms ---- Compressed file archive (Diskmasher/Amiga)
    .doc ---- Document (ASCII or MS Word)
    .dos ---- Network driver
    .dos ---- Text file for DOS
    .dot ---- Word for Windows Template
    .dot ---- Line type definition (CorelDRAW)
    .dox ---- MultiMate document
    .doz ---- Description Out Zip
    .dp ---- Calendar (Daily Planner)
    .dpi ---- Dots Per Inch (graphics)
    .dpr ---- Delphi project file (C++)
    .dqy ---- Excel Database Query
    .drs ---- Display Resource (WordPerfect)
    .drv ---- Device driver (printer)
    .drw ---- Graphics file (Micrografx)
    .ds4 ---- Designer graphics, version 4
    .dsc ---- Discard file (Oracle)
    .dsd ---- Database (DataShaper)
    .dsk ---- Project desktop file (Borland C++)
    .dsf ---- Designer graphics, version 6
    .dsm ---- Digital Sound Module
    .dsn ---- Design
    .dsr ---- Driver Resource (WordPerfect)
    .dss ---- Sound file (Digital Soup)
    .dsw ---- Desktop Settings (Borland C++)
    .dta ---- Data file
    .dtd ---- Document Type Definition (SGML)
    .dtf ---- Database file (PFS)
    .dv ---- DV Video
    .dvc ---- Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
    .dvi ---- TeX DVI document
    .dvi ---- Device Independent document
    .dvi ---- Full-motion video file (Micrografx)
    .dvp ---- Device Paramater file (AutoCAD)
    .dw2 ---- Drawing (DesignCAD)
    .dwc ---- Compressed file archive (DWC)
    .dwf ---- Drawing Web Format (Autodesk Whip! Viewer and Volo View)
    .dwg ---- Drawing file (AutoCAD)
    .dx ---- Text file (DEC)
    .dx ---- Document Imaging
    .dxf ---- Drawing Interchange File Format (AutoCAD 3D)
    .dxr ---- Shockwave Movie
    .dyn ---- Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
    .ebj ---- Error checking object file
    .ed5 ---- EDMICS graphics
    .edt ---- Default Settings (VAX editor)
    .eeb ---- Equation Editor button bar (WordPerfect Windows)
    .efx ---- Fax (Everex)
    .ega ---- Display font (Ventura Publisher)
    .el ---- Elisp source file (Emacs lisp)
    .elc ---- Compiled Elisp code (Emacs lisp)
    .elm ---- Microsoft Theme
    .emf ---- Enhanced Metafile
    .emf ---- E-mail file
    .eml ---- Electronic Mail (Outlook Express)
    .ems ---- Enhanced Menu System Config (PC Tools)
    .emu ---- Terminal emulation data
    .enc ---- Encoded file (UUENCODE)
    .enc ---- Music (Encore)
    .end ---- Arrow-head definition file (CorelDRAW)
    .env ---- Environment file (WordPerfect Windows)
    .eps ---- Encapsulated PostScript (vector graphics)
    .eps ---- Printer font (Ventura Publisher)
    .epsf ---- Encapsulated PostScript File
    .eqn ---- Equation (WordPerfect Windows)
    .err ---- Error Messge/Log
    .esh ---- Extended Shell batch file
    .esi ---- Esri plot file
    .etx ---- SEText
    .evt ---- Event log
    .evy ---- Document (WordPerfect Envoy)
    .exe ---- Executable file (MS-DOS)
    .ext ---- Extension file (Norton)
    .f ---- Fortran source file
    .f01 ---- Fax
    .f06-16 ---- Screen text font, 6-16 pixels (DOS)
    .f77 ---- Fortran 77 source file
    .f96 ---- Fax
    .faq ---- ASCII Text
    .fax ---- Frequently Asked Questions
    .fax ---- Fax file (raster graphics)
    .fc ---- Dictionary (Harvard Graphics)
    .fd ---- Fortran Declaration file (Microsoft)
    .fdf ---- Acrobat Forms Data Format
    .fdx ---- Force Index
    .ffl ---- Fast Find File (Microsoft)
    .fh3-4 ---- Freehand 3-4 (vector graphics)
    .fi ---- Fortran Interface file
    .fif ---- Fractal Image format
    .fil ---- Files list object file (dBASE)
    .fil ---- Overlay (WordPerfect)
    .fit ---- File Index Table (WindowsNT)
    .fit ---- Flexible Image Transport
    .fix ---- Patch file
    .fky ---- Macro file (FoxPro)
    .flc ---- Animation file (Autodesk, FLIC)
    .fld ---- Thumbnail folder (Hijaak)
    .fli ---- Animation file (Autodesk)
    .flo ---- Micrografx FlowCharter
    .flr ---- Live3D
    .flt ---- Filter (graphic conversion)
    .fm ---- Framemaker
    .fm ---- FileMaker Pro Database
    .fm3 ---- Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 v3)
    .fm3 ---- Device driver (Harvard Graphics)
    .fmB ---- File Manager Button bar (WordPerfect Windows)
    .fmk ---- Fortran Makefile
    .fmo ---- Compiled format file (dBASE)
    .fmt ---- Format (dBASE)
    .fmt ---- Screen format
    .fnt ---- Font file
    .fO1-02 ---- Font file (Borland)
    .fog ---- Fontographer font
    .fon ---- Bitmapped Font (Windows)
    .fon ---- Phone file
    .for ---- FORTRAN source code
    .fot ---- Windows TrueType font
    .fox ---- FoxBase
    .fp ---- FileMaker Pro
    .fp1 ---- Flying Pigs
    .fp3-5 ---- FileMaker v3-5
    .fpc ---- FoxPro Catalog
    .fpt ---- FoxPro Memo
    .fpx ---- FlashPix bitmap
    .frf ---- Font (FontMonger)
    .frm ---- Report form file (dBASE, VisualBasic)
    .frs ---- WordPerfect Graphics Driver
    .frt ---- Report memo (FoxPro)
    .frx ---- Report (FoxPro)
    .fsl ---- Form (Paradox)
    .fsx ---- Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
    .ftm ---- Font (Micrografx)
    .fts ---- Flexible Image Transport
    .fw ---- Database (Framework)
    .fxp ---- Compiled format (FoxPro)
    .fxs ---- Fax Transmit Format (WinFax)
    .g4 ---- GTX RasterCAD
    .gbl ---- Global definitions
    .gc1 ---- Lisp Source code
    .gca ---- GOCA graphics
    .gcd ---- Graphics file
    .gcf ---- Graphing Calculator file
    .gdf ---- Dictionary file
    .ged ---- Arts & Letters graphics
    .ged ---- Graphics Editor
    .gem ---- GEM Metafile
    .gem ---- Vectir Graphics file (Ventura)
    .gen ---- Compiled template (dBASE)
    .gen ---- Generated text (Ventura)
    .gep ---- Geode
    .geo ---- VideoScope
    .gib ---- Graph-in-the-Box Chart
    .gif ---- Graphics Interchange Format bitmap (CompuServe)
    .giw ---- .Presentation (Graph-in-the-Box)
    .gl ---- GL Animation
    .gly ---- Glossary
    .gp3 ---- CCITT compressed Group 3-4 TIFF file
    .gph ---- .Graph (Lotus 1-2-3)
    .gr2 ---- .Screen driver (Windows 3.x)
    .gra ---- Microsoft Graph
    .grn ---- Ms-DOS Shell Monitor file
    .grf ---- Graphic file (Micrografx)
    .grp ---- Group definition (Windows)
    .grp ---- Pictures Group
    .gs1 ---- Presentation
    .gsd ---- Vector graphics (Professional Draw)
    .gsw ---- GraphShow Worksheet
    .gx1 ---- Show Partner graphics
    .gxl ---- Graphics Library
    .gz ---- Unix file compuressed by GZIP
    .h ---- C Header
    .h ---- C Include file
    .h++ ---- Header - C++
    .ha ---- HA Compressed file
    .hac ---- underground text format; hacking genre
    .hcom ---- SoundEdit Sound ex SOX
    .hdf ---- Hierarchical Data File
    .hdf ---- Help file
    .hdr ---- Datafile
    .hdr ---- Message header text
    .hdw ---- Harvard Draw Vector graphics
    .hdx ---- Help index (AutoCAD - Zortech C++)
    .hed ---- HighEdit document
    .hel ---- Microsoft Hellbender game file
    .hex ---- Hex dump
    .hfi ---- HP font info
    .hgl ---- HP Graphics Language
    .hh ---- C++ header
    .hhh ---- Precompiled header
    .hhp ---- Help Information
    .hlb ---- Help Library (VAX)
    .hlp ---- Help file (Windows)
    .hof ---- Hall Of Fame (game scores)
    .hp ---- C Include file
    .hpf ---- HP LaserJet fonts
    .hpg ---- HPGL plotter file vector graphics (AutoCad,Harvard. Graphics)
    .hpgl ---- HP GL/2
    .hpi ---- Font information file
    .hpj ---- Help Project (Visual Basic)
    .hpk ---- HPACK compressed file
    .hpl ---- HP Graphics
    .hpm ---- Emm text (HP NewWave)
    .hpp ---- C++ header file
    .hpp ---- C include file
    .hqx ---- BinHexed Compressed Macintosh file.
    .hrf ---- Graphics file
    .hsi ---- Graphics file (Handmade Software)
    .hst ---- History file
    .hst ---- Host
    .ht ---- HyperTerminal
    .htm ---- HyperText
    .htm ---- DOS filename extension for HTML document
    .html ---- Hypertext Markup Language
    .htx ---- Hypertext file
    .hum ---- underground text format; humor genre
    .hwd ---- Presentation file (Hollywood)
    .hwp ---- Hangul Word Processor
    .hxx ---- C++ header file
    .hy1-2 ---- Hyphenation algorithms (Ventura)
    .hyc ---- Hyphenation (WordPerfect)
    .hyp ---- Hyphenation dictionary
    .hyp ---- HYPER compressed file archive
    .i ---- Intermediate file (C++)
    .i3 ---- Modula 3 Interface
    .iax ---- Bitmap graphics (IBM)
    .ic1-3 ---- Atari Image
    .ica ---- Bitmap graphics (Image Object Content Architecture)
    .icb ---- Targa bitmap graphics
    .icl ---- Icon Library
    .icm ---- Image Colour Matching
    .icn ---- Icon source file
    .ico ---- Icon file (Windows)
    .icon ---- Sun icon and cursor
    .id ---- Disk identification file
    .idd ---- Instrument Definition (MIDI)
    .ide ---- Integrated Development Environment configuration
    .ide ---- Project (C++)
    .idw ---- Vector graphics
    .idx ---- Index
    .ief ---- IEF Image
    .ifd ---- Form (JetForm)
    .iff ---- Interchange File Format (Amiga Image)
    .iff ---- Image File Format (Sun TAAC)
    .ifo ---- Graphics objects (ImageForge)
    .ifs ---- System file (OS/2)
    .igf ---- Inset Systems graphics (Hijaak)
    .iif ---- Interchange File (QuickBooks)
    .il ---- Icon library
    .ilbm ---- Amiga ILBM Image
    .im8 ---- Raster graphics (Sun)
    .ima ---- Vector graphics (Mirage)
    .ima ---- WinImage compressed format
    .image ---- DiskCopy Disk Image (Macintosh)
    .img ---- ImageForge/IconForge file
    .img ---- Mac disk image
    .img ---- Bitmap graphics (Ventura)
    .img ---- High-resolution scanned image file
    .img ---- GEM bit image/XIMG
    .img ---- KONTRON Image
    .imp ---- Spreadsheet (Lotus)
    .imq ---- Image Presentation
    .in3 ---- Input device driver (Harvard Graphics)
    .inc ---- Include file
    .ind ---- Index (dBASE)
    .indd ---- Adobe InDesign Document
    .indt ---- Adobe InDesign template file
    .inf ---- Information file
    .inf ---- Information file Type 1 LaserJet font
    .inf ---- Information file (ASCII)
    .inf ---- Install script
    .ini ---- Initialization file
    .ini ---- Windows INI file
    .ink ---- Pantone reference file (CorelDRAW)
    .ins ---- Data (WordPerfect)
    .ins ---- Installation script
    .int ---- Borland Interface
    .inx ---- Index (Foxbase)
    .iob ---- Imagine file
    .ioc ---- Organizational chart
    .ipl ---- Pantone Spot reference palette
    .irs ---- Resource (WordPerfect)
    .isd ---- Spell checker dictionary
    .iso ---- ISO-9660 table
    .isu ---- Netscape file
    .it ---- MOD music file format
    .itl ---- iTools Commands
    .iw ---- Idlewild screensaver
    .iwa ---- Text file (IBM)
    .iwp ---- Text file (Wang)
    .ix ---- Index file (FrameMaker)
    .jar ---- Java classes
    .jax ---- Graphics
    .jav ---- Java source file
    .java ---- Java source code
    .jbx ---- Project file
    .jet ---- Fax (JetFax)
    .jff ---- JFIF, JPEG File Interchange Format
    .jfif ---- JFIF Image
    .jif ---- JPEG image format
    .jpe ---- JPEG bitmap file
    .jpeg ---- JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
    .jpg ---- JPEG image file
    .jpp ---- x-java-print
    .js ---- JavaScript
    .jtf ---- JPEG bitmap file
    .kar ---- MIDI Sound
    .kdc ---- Kodak Photo-Enhancer
    .kfx ---- Kofax
    .lar ---- Liquid Registration
    .lasso ---- Lasso web format file (Blue World Communications).
    .latex ---- Latex
    .lav ---- Liquid Voucher
    .lav ---- Liquid Secure Voucher
    .lbl ---- Label description (dBASE)
    .lbm ---- Deluxe Paint graphics file
    .lbm ---- Amiga IFF Image
    .ldb ---- Lock file (Microsoft Access)
    .leg ---- Legacy document
    .lha ---- PC/Amiga compression format
    .lha ---- LHArch Archive
    .lhs ---- Literate Haskell source file
    .lhx ---- LHA compression file
    .lib ---- Library
    .lic ---- License file (usually shareware)
    .log ---- Log of installations or usage
    .lst ---- List
    .lwp ---- Lotus Word Pro
    .lzh ---- LHArc Archive
    .lzs ---- PC/Amiga compression format
    .m1a ---- MPEG-1 audiostream
    .m1s ---- MPEG-1 systemstream
    .m1v ---- MPEG-1 IPB videostream
    .m15 ---- MPEG videostream
    .m2 ---- Modula 2 Source Code
    .m2v---- MPEG-2 IPB videostream
    .m3 ---- Modula 3 Source Code
    .m3u ---- MP3 PlayLists
    .m75 ---- MPEG file
    .mac ---- Mac Paint (PICT picture)
    .maf ---- Microsoft Access Form
    .mak ---- Makefile (VisualBasic, etc)
    .mam ---- Microsoft Access Macro
    .mam ---- Microsoft Access Macro
    .map ---- Map - linkage editor
    .maq ---- Microsoft Access Query
    .mar ---- Microsoft Access Report
    .mat ---- Microsoft Access Table
    .max ---- Paperport scanner-generated image file
    .mbx ---- Message Base (Eudora)
    .mcs ---- MathCAD format
    .mcw ---- Microsoft Word for Macintosh
    .mdb ---- Database file (MS Access)
    .mdx ---- Multi-index
    .me ---- READ.ME text file
    .med ---- Amiga MED Sound
    .met ---- Metafile format
    .meu ---- Menu
    .mf ---- MetaFont document
    .mff ---- MIDI file format
    .mgf ---- Micrografx Draw Font
    .mi ---- Miscellaneous
    .mic ---- Microsoft Image Composer
    .mid ---- MIDI digitized music file
    .mif ---- FrameMaker MIF
    .miff ---- ImageMagick file format
    .mil ---- Group 4
    .ml ---- ML Source
    .mime ---- Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (Message)
    .mix ---- Microsoft PictureIt!
    .ml ---- ML Source Code
    .mme ---- Mime encoded file
    .mmf ---- Microsoft Mail File
    .mmm ---- Macromind animation
    .mod ---- MOD Music file format
    .mol ---- MDL Molfile
    .mov ---- Movie file (Apple QuickTime)
    .moov ---- Movie file (Apple QuickTime)
    .moz ---- Mozilla Netscape cache file
    .mp2 ---- MPEG-1 audiostream
    .mp3 ---- Sound file
    .mpa ---- MPEG-1 audiostream
    .mpe ---- MPEG Movie file
    .mpeg ---- MPEG Movie (Moving Pictures Experts Group)
    .mpeg4 ---- MPEG Movie (high quality, esp for wireless)
    .mpg ---- Encoded MPEG file
    .mpkg ---- meta package, a group of .pkg files
    .mpm ---- MPEG file
    .mpnt ---- Macintosh MacPaint
    .mpp ---- Microsoft Project project file
    .mpt ---- Microsoft Project template file
    .mpv ---- MPEG file
    .mpx ---- Microsoft Project export file
    .mrk ---- Markup (Informative Graphics)
    .msg ---- Message file
    .msi ---- Microsoft Installer file
    .msn ---- Microsoft Network document
    .msp ---- Microsoft Paint
    .mtm ---- MultiMOD Music
    .mus ---- Music file
    .mvb ---- Microsoft Multimedia Viewer
    .mw ---- MacWrite II document
    .mwii ---- MacWrite II document
    .mxi ---- Extension Information
    .mxp ---- Extension Package
    .mys ---- Myst saved game file
    .ndx ---- Index file (dBASE)
    .neo ---- Atari NeoChrome
    .netopia ---- Application Netopia
    .net ---- Network file
    .nfo ---- Info Text
    .ng ---- Norton Guides
    .nlm ---- NLM program (NetWare)
    .note ---- WordPerfect Help document
    .nsl ---- Network Services
    .nsp ---- Application x-nvo
    .nst ---- MOD Music
    .ntf ---- Notes Template File (Lotus Notes)
    .oab ---- Outlook Address Book (Microsoft)
    .oaz ---- OAZ Fax
    .obd ---- Microsoft Office Binder
    .obj ---- Object (DOS/Windows)
    .ocx ---- Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
    .oda ---- ODA document
    .okt ---- Oktalyser MOD Music
    .olb ---- OLE Object Library
    .old ---- a file that is now obsolete replaced by an upgraded or modified file.
    .ole ---- OLE object
    .onx ---- Onyx Graphics Postershop
    .ori ---- Original
    .otf ---- OpenType Font
    .out ---- Output file
    .ovl ---- Program overlay file (DOS/Windows)
    .ovr ---- Overlay module
    .p ---- Pascal source code file
    .p10 ---- Tektronix Plot10
    .pac ---- Atari STAD Image
    .pab ---- Personal Address Book (Microsoft Outlook)
    .pak ---- Quake game data
    .pak ---- PAK compressed file archive
    .pal ---- Paintbrush palette
    .pan ---- Printer-specific file
    .pas ---- Pascal program file
    .pat ---- Pattern (Corel Draw)
    .pat ---- Hatch patterns (AutoCAD)
    .pb1 ---- Document (First Publisher)
    .pba ---- Powerbasic BASIC source code
    .pbd ---- PowerBuilder runtime/compiled file
    .pbi ---- Powerbasic include file
    .pbl ---- Powerbasic library
    .pbl ---- PowerBuilder source code
    .pbk ---- Microsoft Phonebook
    .pbm ---- Portable Bitmap
    .pbo ---- Profiler Binary Output
    .pbt ---- Profiler Binary Table
    .pc1-2-3 ---- Atari Degas Image
    .pcd ---- Bitmap graphics file (Photo CD format)
    .pcl ---- HP LaserJet
    .pcm ---- HP LaserJet cartridge info.
    .pcs ---- PICS animation
    .pct ---- PC Paint
    .pcw ---- PC Write
    .pcx ---- PC Paintbrush
    .pcx ---- Graphics file (ZSoft format)
    .pdb ---- Palm database
    .pdd ---- Photo Deluxe Document (Adobe)
    .pdf ---- Portable Document Format (Acrobat)
    .pdg ---- PrintShop Deluxe
    .pdv ---- PC Paintbrush printer driver
    .pfa ---- Type 1 font (ASCII)
    .pfb ---- Type 1 font (encrypted)
    .pfm ---- Postscript Font Metrics; Windows Type 1 font metrics
    .pgl ---- HPGL 7475A plotter (vector graphics)
    .pgm ---- Portable Gray Map (bitmap)
    .phtml ---- HTML document with preprocessing instructions (PPIs)
    .pic ---- Picture file (Macintosh PICT)
    .pict ---- Picture file (Macintosh PICT)
    .pif ---- Program Informaton file
    .pit ---- PackIt (Mac compression)
    .pix ---- Inset Systems graphics
    .pjx ---- Project file (Visual FoxPro)
    .pkg ---- AppleLink Package compression format
    .pl ---- Perl Source Code
    .plt ---- Plotter drawing, HP GL/2
    .pm ---- Bitmap From XV
    .pm ---- Page Layout file (PageMaker)
    .pm3-4-5 ---- Page Layout file (PageMaker v3,v4,v5)
    .png ---- Portable Network Graphic (bitmap)
    .png ---- Paint Shop Pro Browser
    .pntg ---- MacPaint Graphic
    .pov ---- Persistence Of Vision raytracer
    .ppa ---- PowerPoint Add-in (Microsoft)
    .ppd ---- Printer Description File
    .ppd ---- PostScript Printer Description
    .ppm ---- Portable Pixelmap
    .ppp ---- PagePlus document
    .pps ---- PowerPoint Slideshow
    .ppt ---- PowerPoint Presentation
    .ppx ---- PagePlus template
    .prc ---- Palm Resource Code (Application)
    .prd ---- Printer driver file (MS Word)
    .prg ---- Procedure or program file
    .prj ---- Project file
    .prn ---- Printer Output file (temporary)
    .prn ---- PostScript file
    .prs ---- Printer file (WordPerfect)
    .prt ---- Formatted text
    .ps ---- PostScript (Page description file)
    .psd ---- Photoshop file
    .pst ---- MS Outlook personal folder
    .pt4-5 ---- PageMaker Template
    .pub ---- Publication (Ventura, MS)
    .pwd ---- Pocket Word document (Microsoft)
    .pwz ---- PowerPoint Wizard (Microsoft)
    .pxl ---- Pocket Excel (Microsoft)
    .pxr ---- Pixar Image
    .qbw ---- QuickBooks - Windows
    .qbb ---- QuickBooks backup file
    .qdk ---- Quarterdeck Qemm
    .qdv ---- QDV Image
    .qlb ---- Quick Library
    .qlc ---- ATM font information
    .qry ---- Microsoft Query
    .qt ---- QuickTime movie
    .qtm ---- QuickTime movie
    .qxd ---- QuarkXPress document
    .qxl ---- QuarkXPress Library file
    .qxt ---- QuarkXPress Template
    .r8l ---- LaserJet landscape font
    .r8p ---- LaserJet portrait font
    .ra ---- RealAudio Player - sound or multimedia file
    .ram ---- RealAudio Player
    .rm ---- RealAudio Player
    .rar ---- WinRAR compressed file
    .ras ---- Raster graphics (Sun)
    .raw ---- Raw Image file (bitmap)
    .rc ---- run commands (Unix)
    .readme ---- Text Readme
    .rec ---- Windows Recorder macro file
    .reg ---- Registration file
    .rep ---- Report file
    .rft ---- RFT-DCA
    .rgb ---- RGB image (SGI- Silicon Graphics)
    .rgba ---- RGB image (SGI)
    .ria ---- Alpharel Group IV raster graphics
    .rib ---- Renderman 3D Data
    .ric ---- Roch FaxNet
    .rif ---- Painter bitmap
    .riff ---- Resource Interchange File Format (graphic/multimedia)
    .rla ---- Wavefront raster image
    .rlc ---- CAD Overlay ESP (Image Systems)
    .rle ---- Run Length Encoded (compressed bitmap file)
    .rmi ---- RIFF MIDI file
    .rme ---- Text Readme
    .rgb ---- RGB image file (SGI- Silicon Graphics)
    .rmp ---- Niku Portfolio Manager
    .rnd ---- AutoShade format
    .rnl ---- GTX Runlength raster graphics
    .rpl ---- Replica file
    .rpt ---- Report file
    .rsc ---- Resource file
    .rsrc ---- Resource file
    .rtf ---- Rich Text Format
    .rtx ---- Rich Text Format
    .rwv ---- Niku Portfolio Manage
    .s ---- Assembly language file (Unix)
    .s3m ---- ScreamTracker 3 MOD music file
    .sam ---- AmiPro file
    .sam ---- Symantec Anti-Virus
    .sav ---- Saved file (games etc)
    .sbp ---- IBM Storyboard graphics
    .sc ---- Source Code (Paradox)
    .scc ---- MSX Picture
    .scg ---- ColoRIX
    .sci ---- ColoRIX
    .scp ---- ColoRIX
    .scr ---- ColoRIX
    .scm ---- ScreenCam Movie
    .scp ---- Dial-up networking script
    .scr ---- AutoCAD Script File Extension
    .scr ---- Screensaver (Windows)
    .scr ---- Screen Layout (dBASE)
    .scrn ---- StartupScreen Format Graphic
    .sct ---- Screen Capture Text (Lotus)
    .scu ---- ColoRIX
    .sdl ---- SmartDraw Library
    .sea ---- Self-Extracting Archive (Stuffit or Compact Pro)
    .seg ---- Segment (of a compressed file saved in segments)
    .sep ---- TIFF bitmap
    .set ---- Setup parameters
    .sf ---- IRCAM Sound
    .sf2 ---- SoundBank file
    .sfl ---- LaserJet landscape font
    .sgi ---- SGI Image
    .sfp ---- LaserJet portrait font
    .sfs ---- PCL 5 scalable font
    .sha ---- UNIX shell archive
    .shar ---- UNIX shell archive
    .shp ---- Printmaster Icon Library
    .shtml ---- HTML file with embedded server-side includes (SSI)
    .si ---- SoftImage image file
    .sig ---- Signature file
    .sit ---- StuffIt Archive (Macintosh)
    .sithqx ---- BinHexed StuffIt Archive (Macintosh)
    .six ---- SIXEL Image
    .sld ---- Slide format file (AutoCAD)
    .slk ---- Symbolic Link (SYLK) spreadsheet
    .smi ---- self-mounting Disk Copy compressed image
    .snd ---- Sound file
    .snm ---- Netscape mail
    .spc ---- Atari Spectrum 512
    .spd ---- Speedo scalable font
    .spl ---- FutureSplash Player file
    .sqb ---- SyQuest Backup
    .sr ---- Sun Raster Image
    .src ---- Used with .INI files for configuration settings
    .sty ---- Style sheet file (Ventura)
    .sun ---- Sun Raster Image
    .sup ---- Startup Screen
    .svx ---- Amiga 8SVX IFF sound
    .swd ---- Schoolwide Database file
    .swf ---- Shockwave Flash file
    .swp ---- Swap - temporary file
    .syd ---- Sysedit backup file
    .syk ---- SYLK spreadsheet format
    .sylk ---- SYLK spreadsheet format
    .sys ---- System file
    .tal ---- Adobe Type Align
    .tar ---- Tape ARchive (UNIX)
    .tar.gz ---- Combined filename extension for a file that has been archived using tar and then gzipped.
    .tar.z ---- Combined filename extension for a file that has been archived using tar and then zipped.
    .targa ---- Truevision Archive
    .taz ---- Compressed Tape Archive
    .taz ---- Another way of writing .tar.z
    .tbk ---- Asymetrix Toolbook
    .tdf ---- Typeface definition (Speedo)
    .tex ---- TeX or LaTex document
    .texi ---- TeX document
    .texinf ---- TeX document
    .text ---- ASCII Text
    .tfm ---- Font metrics (Intellifont)
    .tga ---- TARGA graphics file
    .tga ---- Truevision Image
    .tgz ---- Gnu ZIPped Taped Archive (same as .tar.z and .tar.gz)
    .thn ---- Thumbnail
    .tif ---- Tag Image File format (graphics)
    .tiff ---- Tag Image File Format (graphics)
    .tlb ---- OLE Type Library
    .tmp ---- Temporary file
    .tny ---- Atari TINY Bitmap
    .toc ---- Table Of Contents file
    .tps ---- Topspeed data file
    .trm ---- Terminal settings
    .tsv ---- Tab Seperated Values File
    .ttc ---- TrueType Compressed -font file
    .ttf ---- TrueType Font file
    .tx8 ---- 8-bit MS-DOS text file
    .txt ---- ASCI Text file
    .ul ---- µlaw Sound
    .url ---- URL Bookmark
    .usb ---- Universal Serial Bus
    .usl ---- LaserJet landscape font
    .usp ---- LaserJet portrait font
    .uu ---- UUEncode compressed file
    .uud ---- UUEncode file
    .uue ---- UUEncode file
    .vbp ---- Visual Basic Project
    .vbs ---- Visual Basic Script
    .vbx ---- Visual Basic Extension
    .vda ---- Targa bitmap
    .vff ---- DESR VFF Greyscale Image
    .vga ---- OS/2 Bitmap
    .vgr ---- Chapter file (Ventura)
    .vid ---- Multimedia image file
    .vir ---- underground text format; virus genre
    .viff ---- Khoros Visualization image file
    .vlb ---- Ventura Library
    .voc ---- Sound file
    .vp ---- Ventura Publisher file
    .vsd ---- Microsoft Visio Drawing
    .vst ---- Targa bitmap
    .vue ---- Relational View (dBASE)
    .vxd ---- Virtual Device Driver
    .w51 ---- WordPerfect PC 5.1 document
    .wab ---- Windows Address Book
    .wav ---- Windows WAV Sound file
    .wbk ---- Microsoft Word Backup
    .wdb ---- Microsoft Works Database
    .wid ---- Ventura width table
    .win ---- Windows backup file
    .wiz ---- Microsoft Word Wizard
    .wk1 ---- Lotus 1-2-3, up to 2.01
    .wk4 ---- Lotus 1-2-3 version 4
    .wkq ---- Quattro spreadsheet
    .wks ---- Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3, MS Works)
    .wlr ---- VRML file
    .wmf ---- Windows Metafile
    .wp ---- WordPerfect PC document
    .wp4-6 ---- WordPerfect PC document
    .wpd ---- WordPerfect Document
    .wpd ---- Windows Printer Description
    .wpg ---- WordPerfect Graphic
    .wpm ---- WordPerfect Macro
    .wps ---- Word processor file (MS Works)
    .wpt ---- WordPerfect Template
    .wri ---- MSWrite Windows file
    .wrk ---- Symphony spreadsheet
    .ws1-7 ---- WordStar for Windows 1-7
    .wve ---- PSION Sound
    .wvl ---- Wavelet compressed bitmap
    .x ---- AVS X image file
    .x10-11 ---- X-Windows Dump
    .xar ---- Corel Xara drawing
    .xbm ---- X-Windows Bitmap
    .xfx ---- JetFax
    .xif ---- Xerox Image Format
    .xl ---- Excel Spreadsheet
    .xlc ---- Excel Chart
    .xlk ---- Excel backup
    .xlm ---- Excel macro
    .xls ---- Excel Spreadsheet
    .xlt ---- Excel Template
    .xlw ---- Excel Workspace
    .xm ---- FastTracker MOD music format
    .xpm ---- X-Windows Pixelmap
    .xwd ---- X-Windows Dump
    .xwo ---- X-Windows System window dump image
    .xxe ---- Xxencoded file
    .yal ---- Arts & Letters click art
    .Z ---- UNIX Compress Archive
    .z ---- UNIX GZIP Archive
    .zip ---- PZIP (PC ZIP) Archive
    .zoo ---- Zoo Archive
    .zts ---- Z-Term Script

    Freeware Tools

    Zip Repair

    Zip Repair is a free zip file recovery utility that will fix corrupt zip files. It is simple to use and blindingly fast. Amazingly Zip Repair can recover more files from a corrupted zip than commercial products charging up to $149.

    IZArc - powerful archiving utility

    IZArc is a full featured archiving tool that you can use to open and create compressed files in many different formats. It offers many advanced features, including repairing of broken archives, searching within archives, password protecting, emailing of archives and much more. The program provides an Explorer style interface with integrated file browser, favorites, customizable toolbar and color coded file listings. IZArc can also be used to create self-extracting or disk-spanning archives and more. Additional features include Windows Explorer integration, anti-virus integration and just about anything else you d would expect to find in a professional archive utility - but this one is free. IZArc support most popular archive formats, including 7-ZIP, ACE,ARC, ARJ,BH, BZ2, CAB, DEB, GZ,HA, JAR, LHA, LZH,PAK, PK3, RAR, RPM, TAR,TGZ, TZ, ZIP and ZOO. The program is easy to use, even for beginners, yet powerful enough to provide advanced users with all the tools you need.


    Why pay for an evaluation copy of a compression utility when you can get this one for free? ZipitFast features a drag-and-drop interface for viewing, running, extracting, adding, and deleting files in archives. If the person that you're sending a compressed file to doesn't have a program to open it, you can create Self Extracting files (.exe) that'll save them the trouble of having to download it. ZipitFast supports virtually all compression formats including Zip, Tar, Lha, Ace, Rar, and over 20 additional formats. Plus, it comes with Internet support and skin support (over 12 skins included), so you can customize the look to your personal tastes. You can even password-protect the compressed files that you create.

    Shareware Tools


    WinRAR is a 32-bit Windows version of RAR Archiver, an archiver and archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content 8 percent to 15 percent more than ZIP files. WinRAR's main features include strong general and multimedia compression, the ability to process non-RAR archive formats, ZIP compression and decompression, long filename support, programmable self-extracting archives (SFX), damaged archive repair, authenticity verification, embedded file comments, and encryption. Unicode is supported in archive filenames, allowing non-English filenames to be handled painlessly.
    You can manipulate the parameters of many archives at once and view a volume sequence as a single archive. WinRAR is able to convert other archive formats to RAR. It supports the Find command, allowing search for specified text and files in archives. The latest WinRAR version can rename files inside of RAR archives and preserves file time using the high precision NTFS time format.


    WinZip is a straightforward, fast, and easy-to-use zipping and unzipping utility that includes built-in support for popular Internet file formats such as TAR, ZIP, UUencode, XXencode, BinHex, MIME, and Unix-compressed files. Older ARC, ARJ, and LZH files are supported via external programs.
    In version 8.1, enhanced Explorer integration adds more options to the Explorer context menu and allows you to unzip several archives at once; compress several small ZIP files for easy sending via an e-mail attachment or as an alternative to disk spanning; a new Quick Pick taskbar icon gives you instant access to WinZip and recently used ZIP files; WinZip Wizard enhancements allow you to run installation files included in ZIP archives and extract files from split ZIP files and multiple disk ("spanned") ZIP files; and support for Windows XP allows WinZip to run as a native Windows XP program with no need to set the compatibility mode.


    WinAce is not just another archiving shell. With it's own powerful compression format ACE and built-in support for other popular compression types like ZIP, RAR and MS-CAB (to name a few), WinAce could actually become the only archiver you need.

    The feature list of WinAce includes:

    compression of the following formats: ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, JAVA JAR
    decompression of: ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, RAR, ARC, ARJ, GZip, TAR, ZOO, JAR
    multi-volume (disk spanning) archives for ACE, ZIP, CAB
    self-extracting archives (SFX) for ACE and ZIP
    password encryption & recovery records for data protection
    Integrity check for ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, RAR, ARC, ARJ, GZip, TAR, ZOO, JAR
    Repair functionality for ACE and ZIP archives
    Authenticity verification for ACE archives
    comment files in HTML, ANSI or ASCII for ACE- and ZIP-Archives
    full command line access (compatible with DOS ACE)
    detailed information for all archive types
    Quickviewer for graphic files, Word Documents, HTML pages and ASCII files
    full drag&drop support
    complete file-management (copying, moving and deleting of files and directories)
    optimization of existing archives
    access to your archives in Windows Explorer and via the context menu (shell extension)
    table of contents in the "Properties" panel of ACE and ZIP files (shell extension

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    I'll pin this topic, as there's a lot of pinned topic's already in the softwareworld I might unpin this if people think it's annoying with to many pinned topic's.


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    I do not understand the need for this topic. Simply going to Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types will list your supported file-types, the ones not on there that are here, you obviously do not require. Software that uses its own file-types will associate Windows with them, e.g. installing Photoshop will associate .PSD files to Photoshop.

    EDIT That's two new pinned topics in two days, Software World's starting to appear as a pig's thy.

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    I do not understand the need for this topic.
    Why?Because everyday on this forum a newbie put a question like :What is a ARJ file?And if you make a search you find hundred questions like this.With this topic i want to '' CLEAN'' the forum with some new unusefull question.

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    you forgot a few

    .dwi - file for the "Dance Dance Revolution" simulators "Dance with Intensity" or "Stepmania"

    .sm - file for use in the "Dance dance revolution " simulator Stepmania

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    why not just go here?
    well-maintained, searchable database.

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    Originally posted by sharedholder@18 September 2003 - 21:26
    Why?Because everyday on this forum a newbie put a question like :What is a ARJ file?And if you make a search you find hundred questions like this.With this topic i want to '' CLEAN'' the forum with some new unusefull question.
    How do you intend to "clean" the forum with an un-useful topic?

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    good work shared...will copy and paste for later reference!

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    Thanks SharedHolder , don't pay much attention to those putting you down. They must know it ALL. But i'm not like them. I have a hard time ,sometimes, trying to figure out what some file extensions mean. I wonder if i need some files , but with this list i wont need to go crazy looking for each extension's "definition".

    Thanks [B][O][T] for "pinning" this thread.

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    1. Is .torrent an extension?

    2. Where was this list stolen from or did you make it yourself? It would be proper to give a source or a link if this is not your work.

    edit--> forgot to add .mkv & .ogm. Two containers for video & audio.

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