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Thread: slow upload to torrentleech

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    hi all
    i have a problem
    when i download from torentleech it download very fast
    but when i upload
    for some reason it upload like this:
    when the download speed is 5mn then the up speed is 5kb
    if the download speed is 1mb then the up speed is 1kb
    and so on
    anyone got this problem b4?
    thanks in advance!

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    What client are you using?
    What is your connection speed?
    Are you using a seedbox?

    Please give us a little more info.

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    yes im using a seedbox
    its a 100mbit line
    my client is utorrent 1.8.2 latest version
    u need more info?

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    well how about how many leechers are on the torrent, how old the torrent is, and are those leechers, partial seeding.

    the tracker does not have anything to do with how fast you upload, it depends on the leechers, but if all the leechers are partial seeders, you are screwed.
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    i think you should put leechers number in your consideration .

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoi View Post
    .... but if all the leechers are partial seeders, you are screwed.
    wel it happened to me once...and it was a large pack


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