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Thread: Looking for a good movie tracker

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    Well im new here and I have been doing alot of reading around.
    I would love to become a member of a new site that has more up to date movies and files. Im sick of the general public trackers.
    I finally have my internet connections up and running well.
    I would post a speed test also but it doesnt show my true speed. I have 4 cable modems all upcapped. So for the highest constant upload i have seen is 600KB (6000Kb/ 6Mb). I can show you if you would like, I would just need to set up a torrent.
    I have 4 modems going into my Pfsense load balancing box then to my computer. Works amazing, and I will have one more modem up as soon as I find my coax splitter.

    I would appreciate any invites.
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    PM me your e-mail address for PtP invite.

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    i can give you goem invite. pm me.
    Click here if you want to join TTC


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