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    The Marari Beach is not the place for a raucous beach holiday. There are no rave parties here, no noisy water scooters, and no sellers of trinkets. But for those seeking to undo the stresses of city life and experience a completely new pace, it is the perfect spot. You could spend an entire morning lolling by the poolside with a book from the library. Or take a dip in the sea, the beach usually being nearly empty, except for a few other guests and the odd local fisherman. Or explore the area and its fishing villages on a bicycle. The trick at Marari is to open up, relax and rejuvenate. To while away the hours watching the fascinating play of light on open water, to feed a wandering guinea fowl, to stretch a lazy hand out to your cocktail glass and wait for one of our sumptuous lunches to be served. Mealtimes at Marari are unhurried affairs, with a firm eye on enjoying every subtlety that the waves have to offer. Both at the buffet and at our speciality seafood restaurant, Fort Cochin, the fresh catch of the day forms the centerpiece. You can choose from a variety of prawns, lobsters, crayfish and the famous 'karimeen', grilled on the spot or prepared to your tastes. Complementing it all is an array of Kerala specialties. Aromatic vegetable stews, spicy chicken gravies, tangy tamarind and kokam chutneys and always, rice and the popular idiappams- string hoppers that accompany most Kerala meals. Bread is always baked daily on the premises and the vegetables too, come fresh-plucked from our organic farm. For light snacks, the beach-shack bar and buffet is the place. Sip a post-swim cooler, munch on some fried prawns and listen to the distant roar of surf.

    Since ancient times, Kochi has been one of the spice capitals of the world. Kochi is home to the International Pepper Exchange, where black pepper is globally traded. The Spices Board of India is also headquartered at Kochi. The Cochin fishing harbour, located at Thoppumpady is a major fishing port in the state and supplies fish to the local and export markets. Central Government establishments like the Coconut Development Board, the Coir Board, the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) and the Spices Board are also located in the city.

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    Advertising a beach ?
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    and another soon to be banned advertising bot is about to bite the dust, unless of course this a person trying to be a spambot because spambots can't get past the spamguard ?


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    Beach spam ain't so bad.

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