iam using opera web browser

i want to change [signed.appels.codebase_princlpe-support] to true

but i cant seem to find the option for it

which one of the below option do i go to

Preferences Editor


Show all

Author Display ModeAuthor CSS Default
Author Font and Colors Default
User CSS Default
User Font and Colors Default
User Link Settings Default

BitTorrentBandwidth Restriction Mode Default
Enable Default
Listen Port Default
Log File Default
Max Download Rate Default
Max Upload Rate Default
Warning Dialog Default

CSS Generic Font FamilyCursive Default
Fantasy Default
Monospace Default
Sans-Serif Default
Serif Default

CacheAlways Check Never-Expiring GET queries Default
Always Check Redirect Default
Always Check Redirect Images Default
Always Reload HTTPS In History Default
Cache Docs Default
Cache Figs Default
Cache HTTPS After Sessions Default
Check Expiry History Default
Check Expiry Load Default
Document Default
ECMAScript Default
Figure Default
SVG Cache Size Default

Clear Private Data DialogCheckFlags Default

ColorsBackground Default
Color.Form.Button Default
Color.Form.Input Default
Color.Form.Text Default
Color.H1 Default
Color.H2 Default
Color.H3 Default
Color.H4 Default
Color.H5 Default
Color.H6 Default
Color.Normal Default
Color.PRE Default
Highlighted Background Default
Highlighted Background Unfocused Default
Highlighted Text Default
Highlighted Text Unfocused Default
Link Default
Selected Background Default
Selected Background Unfocused Default
Selected Text Default
Selected Text Unfocused Default
Skin Default
Visited link Default

Developer ToolsDeveloper Tools URL Default
Proxy Auto Connect Default
Proxy Host Default
Proxy Port Default

Disk CacheCache Docs Default
Cache Figs Default
Cache HTTPS Default
Cache Other Default
Docs Modification Default
Documents Expiry Default
Empty On Exit Default
Enabled Default
Figs Modification Default
Images Expiry Default
Other Expiry Default
Other Modification Default
Size Default

ExtensionsAsk Flash Download Default
Delayed Script Execution Default
Enable Canvas Default
Frames Default
Frames Show Active Default
IFrames Default
Plugin Failed Warning Default
Plugin Script Access Default
Plugins Default
Script Debugger Default
Scripting Default

File Types Section InfoVersion Default

FontsDialog Default
Email Default
EmailCompose Default
Form.Button Default
Form.Input Default
Form.Text Default
H1 Default
H2 Default
H3 Default
H4 Default
H5 Default
H6 Default
Menu Default
Normal Default
PRE Default
Panel Default
Toolbar Default
Tooltip Default

HandheldExternal Image Default

HotListWindowActiveTab Default
Bookmarks Manager Splitter Default
Bookmarks Manager Style Default
Bookmarks Splitter Default
Bookmarks Splitter Position Default
Bookmarks Style Default
Contacts Manager Splitter Default
Contacts Manager Style Default
Contacts Splitter Default
Contacts Splitter Position Default
Contacts Style Default
Hotlist Single Click Default
Music Splitter Default
Notes Splitter Default
Show Accountinfo Details Default
SortAsc Default
SortBy Default
Visible Default
cxDocked Default

ISPId Default

InstallCustom Bookmark Merge File Default
Custom Bookmark Revision Default
Newest Used Version Default
One Time Page Default
Preference URL Default

JavaEnabled Default
Opera ClassPath Default
Security Policy Default

LinkColor Default
Expiry Default
Expiry (Hours) Default
Frame Default
StrikeThrough Default
Underline Default

MailExtAppParamSpaceSubst Default
External Application Default
Handler Default
Mail Root Directory Default
Webmail Address Default

MailBoxAddressFile Default
MusicFile Default
NotesFile Default

MultimediaAlways load favicon Default
Interpolate Images Default
Play Background Sound Default
Show Animation Default

NetworkAllow Pre Authentication Default
Check Local HostName Default
Enable Content Blocker Default
Enable HostName Expansion Default
Enable HostName Web Lookup Default
Enable NTLM Default
HTTP Accept Default
HTTP Accept Charset Default
HTTP Accept Language Default
HTTP Loading Delayed Timeout Default
HostName Expansion Postfix Default
HostName Expansion Prefix Default
HostName Web Lookup Address Default
IDNA White List Default
Permitted Ports Default
Plugin Ignore File Default
Track Password Cookie Usage Default
URL Filter File Default
UTF8 Escape URLs Default
Use Absolute FTP Path Default

OEMNever Flush Trusted Servers Default
Operator Cache Size Default
Out Of Coverage File Name Default

Opera AccountOpera Account Used Default
Server Address Default
Username Default

Opera SyncLast Cached Access Default
Last Cached Access Num Default
Sync Bookmarks Default
Sync Client State Default
Sync Client State Bookmarks Default
Sync Client State Notes Default
Sync Client State Searches Default
Sync Client State Speed Dial Default
Sync Client State Typed History Default
Sync Enabled Default
Sync Last Used Default
Sync Notes Default
Sync Personalbar Default
Sync Searches Default
Sync Speed Dial Default
Sync Typed History Default
Sync Used Default

PerformanceHTTP Error Strategy Default
Max Connections Server Default
Max Connections Total Default
Network Buffer Size Default
No Connection Keepalive Default
Non-Compliant Server 100 Continue Default
Reduce Max Persistent HTTP Connections Default
Synchronous DNS Lookup Default

Personal InfoAddress Default
City Default
Country Default
EMail Default
First Name Default
Home Page Default
Special 1 Default
Special 2 Default
Special 3 Default
State Default
Surname Default
Telefax Default
Telephone Default
Zip Default

PrinterBottom Margin Default
Fit To Width Print Default
Left Margin Default
Print Background Default
Right Margin Default
Scale Default
Show Printer Header Default
Top Margin Default

ProxyAutomatic Proxy Configuration URL Default
Enable HTTP 1.1 for proxy Default
Enable start with HTTP 1.1 for proxy Default
FTP server Default
Gopher server Default
HTTP server Default
HTTPS server Default
No Proxy Servers Default
No Proxy Servers Check Default
Use Automatic Proxy Configuration Default
Use FTP Default
Use GOPHER Default
Use HTTP Default
Use HTTPS Default
Use Proxy On Local Names Check Default
Use WAIS Default
WAIS server Default

SVGRendering Quality Default

Saved SettingsOpen Dir Default
Save Dir Default

Security PrefsEnable SSL v2 Default
Enable SSL v3 Default
Enable TLS v1.0 Default
Enable TLS v1.1 Default
Enable Trust Button Default
Minimum Security Level Default
OCSP Validate Certificates Default
Password Lifetime Default
Strict EV Mode Default
Use Paranoid Mailpassword Default

SoundsClicked Default
Enabled Default
End Default
Failure Default
Loaded Default
Start Default
Transfer Done Default

SpecialGo Home Time Out Default
JavaScript AppCodeName Default
JavaScript AppName Default
JavaScript IE AppName Default
JavaScript Opera AppName Default

SystemDisableTextSelect Default
Force CD Default
Use ScreenReader Menus Default

TransferWindowActivate On New Transfer Default
Keep Entries Days Default
ShowDetails Default

User AgentAllow Components In UA String Comment Default
Spoof UserAgent ID Default

User Display ModeAuthor CSS Default
Author Font and Colors Default
User CSS Default
User Font and Colors Default
User Link Settings Default

User PrefsAbout Style File Default
Accept Cookies Session Only Default
Activate Tab On Close Default
AddressBar Alignment Default
Addressbar Content Search Default
Allow Context Menus Default
Allow Empty Workspace Default
Allow script to change status Default
Allow script to hide address Default
Allow script to lower window Default
Allow script to move window Default
Allow script to raise window Default
Allow script to receive right clicks Default
Allow script to resize window Default
Alternative Page Cycle Mode Default
Always Load User JavaScript Default
Application Icon Default
Ask Closing DialUp Connections Default
Ask For Cookie Confirmation Default
Auto Dropdown Default
AutocompleteOff Disables Wand Default
Automatic RAM Cache Default
Automatic Select Menu Default
Automatic Window Storage File Default
Avoid Flicker Default
Browser CSS File Default
Browser JavaScript Default
Button Directory Default
Button Set Default
CJK Font Blacklist Default
Cache Directory4 Default
Cache Style File Default
Center Mousebutton Action Default
Certificate Info CSS File Default
Chat Room Splitter Default
Check For New Opera Default
Click To Minimize Default
Client Pull Default
Client Refresh Default
Color List Row Mode Default
Color Scheme Mode Default
CompatMode Override Default
Config Style File Default
Confirm Open Bookmark Limit Default
Console Error Log Default
Console Error Log Enabled Default
Console Error Log Filter Default
Content Block CSS File Default
Default Mail Store Type Default
DevTools Splitter Position Default
Dialog Configuration Default
Dir Style File Default
Direct History File Default
Disable Bookmark Import Default
Disabled Cookie State Default
Display Link Title Default
Do Not Show Cookie Domain Errors Default
Do Not Show Cookie Path Errors Default
Do Not Show Language Version Conflict Warning Default
Do Not Show No Domain IP Addess Errors Default
Document Mode Default
Doubleclick to Close Tab Default
Download Directory Default
Downloaded Overrides File Default
Drives Style File Default
Ellipsis In Center Default
Enable Cookies Default
Enable DDE Default
Enable Drag Default
Enable Extended Keyboard Shortcuts Default
Enable Gesture Default
Enable Mouse Flips Default
Enable Referrer Default
Enable Scroll Marker Default
Enable Scrollbar Colors Default
Enable Styling On Forms Default
Enable Trust Rating Default
Enable Usage Statistics Default
Enable Wand Default
Enable config URL Default
Entities In Forms Default
Error Console Filter Default
Error Style File Default
Exceptions Have Stacktrace Default
Fallback HTML Encoding Default
Fast Forward Configuration Default
First Update Delay Default
FlexRoot Max Width Default
FlexRoot Min Width Default
Force Encoding Default
Gesture Threshold Default
Global History File Default
Has Shown Center Click Info Default
Help URL Default
History Navigation Mode Default
History Style File Default
History View Style Default
Home URL Default
Hot List File Ver2 Default
Hotlist Alignment Default
IM Style File Default
Ignore Target Default
Ignore Unrequested Popups Default
Image Style File Default
Info CSS File Default
Keyboard Configuration Default
Language Codes File Default
Language File Default
Language Files Directory Default
Last Used Auto Window Timeout Default
Left-handed UI Default
Limit Paragraph Width Default
Limit Task Bar Attention To Personal Chat Messages Default
Local CSS File Default
Local CSS Files Directory Default
MIME Style File Default
Mail View Accountinfo Splitter Default
Mail View Hotlist Splitter Default
Mail View List Splitter Default
Mail View Mode Default
MainBar Alignment Default
Mark As Read Automatically Default
MathML CSS File Default
Max Console Messages Default
Max Direct History Lines Default
Max Global History Lines Default
Max Marquee Loops Default
Max Number Cached Bitmaps Default
Max Window History Lines Default
Max width for bookmarks in menu Default
Maximize New Windows Default
Maximum Font Size Default
Menu Configuration Default
Message Style File Default
Min Allowed GDI Resources Default
Minimum Font Size Default
Mouse Configuration Default
NavigationBar Alignment Default
NavigationBar Auto Alignment Default
New Window Default
Newest Seen Version Default
No Doc Open Default
No Doc Save Default
No Local File Default
No Open Default
No Save Default
Number Of Hits Default
Offline Mode Default
Open New Window in Background Default
Open Page Next To Current Default
Opera Directory Default
Opera Local Directory Default
Operator Cache Directory4 Default
Overrides File Default
PageBar Alignment Default
PageBar Auto Alignment Default
PageBar Open URL On MiddleClick Default
Permanent Homepage Default
PersonalBar Alignment Default
Plugin Path Default
Plugins Style File Default
Popup Button Help Default
Preferences Version Default
Preferred Mail Body Mode Default
RTL Flips UI Default
Recovery Strategy Default
Rendering mode Default
Reverse Button Flipping Default
SDI Default
SSR Max Width Default
Save As Text Line Length Default
Save Password Protected Pages Default
Save With Images Use Subfolder Default
Scale Default
Script Spoof Default
Scroll Is Pan Default
Search Type Default
Show Address In Caption Default
Show Attachments Inline Default
Show Bookmarks In Addressfield Autocompletion Default
Show Close All But Active Dialog Default
Show Close All Dialog Default
Show Close Buttons Default
Show Default Browser Dialog Default
Show Delete Mail Dialog Default
Show Disable JS Checkbox Default
Show E-mail Client Default
Show Encoding Mismatch Dialog Default
Show Exit Dialog Default
Show Hidden Toolbars While Customizing Default
Show Images Default
Show MSIMG32 Warning Default
Show Mail Error Dialog Default
Show Mail Header Toolbar Default
Show Menu Default
Show New Opera Dialog Default
Show Notification For Blocked Popups Default
Show Notification For Finished Transfers Default
Show Notification For New Messages Default
Show Notification For No New Messages Default
Show Notifications For Widgets Default
Show Problem Dialog Default
Show Progress As Popup Default
Show Progress Dialog Default
Show ScrollBars Default
Show Setupdialog On Start Default
Show Startup Dialog Default
Show Validation Dialog Default
Show Window Menu Default
Show Window Size Default
Show panel toggle Default
Show quick reply Default
Showed Gesture Info Default
Single Window Browsing Default
Skin Directory Default
Skin scale Default
Smooth Scrolling Default
Source Viewer Default
Source Viewer Mode Default
Special effects Default
Speed Dial File Default
Speed Dial Search Type Default
Speed Dial State Default
Startup Type Default
StatusBar Alignment Default
Suppress External Embeds Default
Synchronous decode Default
Target Destination Default
Temporary Download Directory Default
Title Default
Toolbar Configuration Default
Transfers Added On Top Default
TreeView DropDown Max Lines Default
Trust Server Types Default
Turbo Mode Default
Update Delay Default
Use Integrated Search Default
Use Smiley Images Default
Use Thumbnails in Tab Tooltips Default
Use Thumbnails in Window Cycle Default
User JavaScript Default
User JavaScript File Default
User JavaScript on HTTPS Default
User Style Info File Default
Validation Form Element Default
Validation URL Default
Virtual Keyboard Type Default
Visited Pages Default
Visited Pages Search Style Default
Voice Configuration Default
WML CSS File Default
Wand Autosubmit Default
Wand Storage File Default
Warn Insecure Form Default
Warn about active transfers on exit Default
Warning Page CSS File Default
Webfeeds HTML Template File Default
Window Cycle Type Default
Windows Storage File Default
XML Load External Entities Default
XML Validate Default

Visited LinkColor Default
StrikeThrough Default
Underline Default

VoiceXMLASR Rejection Threshold Default
C3N Default Form Default
C3N Postlink Phrase Default
C3N Postnick Phrase Default
C3N Prelink Phrase Default
C3N Prenick Phrase Default
C3N User Agent Identifier Default
Command Control And Content Navigation By Voice Enabled Default
Library Location Default
Mouse Down Cancels Current Voice Default
PTT Key Default
PTT Key Is Unicode Default
PTT Mode Default
Resources Location Default
TTS CTTS Default
TTS Gender Default
TTS Pitch Default
TTS Speed Default
TTS Volume Default
UserAgentXml Default
Voice Log Level Default
VoiceXML Enabled Default
VoiceXml Default
VoiceXmlPlugin Default
VoiceXmlServer Default

WidgetsWidgets File Default