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Thread: psp game downloads

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    OK stupid question time. I've been downloading music, movies and pc games for years and think I know what I'm doing but I just got a psp the other day and not sure what to do with games. I know there are tons of psp games in torrent sites to download but then what? Do I put them on my memory stick and play them? Any help,comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    In order to be able to play backups and homebrew (like emulators) on your PSP, you need to install a custom firmware in it first.

    I briefly described the process here, and I also recommend you read the sites and guides in reference in that post to get a better idea of the whole thing, along with others like:
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    1. Install CFW
    2. Copy the iso/cso to to the appropriate directory (PSP/Game150, I think)
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