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Thread: 2nd ip on seedbox question

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    hayden61108's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +1
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    Nov 2008
    hey guys i asked my seedboxhosting company for a 2nd ip for another user, they asked me "Also can you please justify the reason for the IP in accordance with RIPE" what is RIPE? anyone know? what would be a good response ? Im not sure what there talking about

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    teresckova's Avatar liVinG tHe future BT Rep: +1
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    Nov 2008
    TRScK village
    i ve asked a second ip on my seedbox,i am on ovh,and they just send it to me,without any need to tell them a shit

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    ripe is the ip master, the god of ips, the whole mother ip or something. just say you need it for webhosting to ripe.


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