Save the music from Jango How To

Go To using Internet Explorer, this only works with Internet Explorer

Sign up with a throwaway email address that isn't your main email address and don't give them any real info, they use advertising

Open my documents and copy and paste the following address in the address bar in my documents, you will have to type your name that you have for your user in the space that says, type your user name here, then copy and paste that address

C:\Documents and Settings\ type your user name here \Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

Then in the Temporary Internet Files folder select the view to be Details, then in the order of size, then after each song copy the mp3 from the Temporary Internet Files folder to a new folder, then rename it to the name of the song

You can also just do this every hour or so and get a lot of them but you will have to know what the names of them are by listening to the mp3s, just don't clear the cache until you copy them to a new folder

This is too easy