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Thread: Doom 3 Alpha Demo

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    Hi im looking for Doom 3 the leaked alpha demo .... ive been serching for it on kazza but i cant find it ....... can anyone help me out ?

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    Its not exactly hard to find. Just search for "doom3.e3-demo-alpha-leak". It should be 372,833KB. I would post a hash if i wasnt lazy.

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    I searched 4 it no such luck matey

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    thats strange, I got about 20 sources for it. Just search for "doom" and wait for it to gather results for a couple of hours, then go through the list.

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    Does anyone have this and does it actually work???

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    It works... there's a different way to load the levels (it's not very PC Friendly).
    Search google for the "Make Doom 3 Alpha Work" or something and they will tell you the "console" commands you have to type in. There's 3 levels.. suggest you play them from 1rst to 3rd in order.

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    I will search .... but a UUHASH would make it a whole lot easier nudge nudge

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    you've gotta be one of the last 5 people who are looking for this. i played it its alright its just an alpha demo and if you dont have a good computer forget about tryin to get it to work.i have it on a disc gonna use it to benchmark the 9800 XT when it comes out.

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    File: doom3.e3-demo-alpha-leak.rar
    Length: 381781972 Bytes, 372833KB
    UUHash: =scZQTuXzz5r/bpTSBQYfuO6DW/4=

    File: Doom Iii - How To Get It To Work.txt
    Length: 4669 Bytes, 4KB
    UUHash: =c7B0spMfJ+rn1rzUxbxp8MLt//8=

    there you go... not many sources though

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    Thanx Mate
    ur a legend


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