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Thread: happyhippo

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    Is a decent source? Is it legit or a scam? They require you to pay for trial of porn site for access and seem to have torrents and other methods of downloading.

    I am curious because they seem to get a ton of scene releases that aren't that easy to find, particularly dvdrs and there database goes back a fairly long time.

    Any info appreciated.
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    as far as i know, any place that requires you to pay for torrents is a scam.

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    This indeed looks like a scam... when you follow some file a flashing "connection" status appears, just to redirect you from /download/ to /register/ - this is nonsense. The average speed looks very suspicious as well, extra high and look how it is different every time you refresh no matter in which interval. The final question is if they actually do have these releases or if they only show them to get you. I don't know the answer to this.

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    Yeah I found it very suspicious and though I was tempted to throw $5 away to find out I probably won't unless someone here has tried it.


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