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Thread: Astraweb slow for anyone?

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    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to inquire to see if anyone currently using Astraweb is having a tough time with connection speeds. Up until earlier last week I maxxed out my connection to usually around 2,000-2,200 KB/s or 2-2.2MB/s now Im lucky if I get 1MB/s. I wonder maybe if its because of the retention upgrades? I did a speedtest and my connection seems fine, no changes to my network :/ let me know if anyone has the same issue, thanks!

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    Still maxing out my connection on my end.

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    SonsOfLiberty's Avatar The Lonely Wanderer
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    I found out that after about 2-3 days (not constant use) that I would have to un-plug my router/modem and then re-plug them in about 10-15 seconds later, and everything would be dandy

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    Hellish Blasphemer
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    still 8000-10000 kB/s

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    Not drastically low, but I saw 1Mbps lower. Could be surge or new users downloading through astraweb.

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    max out my connection, just have issues with my isp and slow speed

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    It's maxing out my connection but I only have a 6mbit connection.

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    I pull 7-8mb/s from my 100mbit which is what i usually get at home. Could be something with your routing...

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    dutchmaster420's Avatar God's Son
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    maxes my 30mb

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    false alarm regained my 1Mbps, so no slowdowns over here that I can notice.


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