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Thread: FSC account questions

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    I used to have an FSC account, but it is disabled maybe for low ratio. Can any admin from there enable it so i can fix that or how can i get an invite?

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    Why would you want an invite to the tracker again if you couldn't keep your account the first time?

    Anyway ... some FSC-staff member will certainly pass by here and help you (if possible).

    Good luck.
    Can you feel the LOVE

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    If you have any problems there are FSC staffers around just follow the link.
    It's on the first post.

    Good luck

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    with that kind of devotion to a tracker.... you desirve a second chance

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    You should have just went to their IRC instead of waiting for a response here. You would have gotten dealt with faster.

    If they give you a second chance I would suggest making the most of it. I mean come on. Getting disabled for low ratio at fsc?

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    Your not banned. PM me if you havnt been taken care of.


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