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Thread: Upscale Video with ffdshow

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    Upscale Video with ffdshow

    If your PC can handle it, one general recommendation is to resize your video to 2.0 times the original size, and then run through the other filters such as blur reduction and sharpening

    K-Lite Codec Pack

    After installing K-Lite Codec Pack go to Start, Programs, K-Lite Codec Pack, Configuration, ffdshow video decoder

    Then when ffdshow video decoder opens scroll down to:

    'Blur & NR' and then check the box 'Blur & Noise Reduction' and 'Process Whole Image'

    Then 'Sharpen' and select the box 'Sharpen' and 'Process Whole Image'

    And then 'Resize & Aspect' and select the box 'Resize' then 'Resize to Screen Resolution' and 'Process Whole Image'

    This will increase the resolution of the video playback when using a video player app that ffdshow works with, for example, with Media Player Classic, it stretches the pixels out from the video source and guesses what the generated pixels between the source video pixels would look like
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