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Thread: Scum Wants You To Post Fake Torrents (For Money)

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    Scum Wants You To Post Fake Torrents (For Money)
    March 5th, 2009

    It is no secret that anti-piracy companies want to spoil all your sharing and caring. They have sued people, they have threatened people, they even affect your opinion with advertisements inside movies.

    But what happened yesterday, is something outrageous and they’ll surely regret it. Someone created a project at (Page Mirror), in which he states that he’s going to pay people to upload fake torrents.
    But why don’t we spoil his fun now!

    The music & movie industry is known to upload fake torrents at trackers. With those, they can trap you and collect your IP-address and may threaten or sue you afterward. They mostly hire other companies to do it, so they won’t spoil their own good name. But those companies need independent people too. Until yesterday, it was a mystery how they recruited them.

    At the GetAFreeLancer site, that’s made to get a freelancer (could’ve guessed that one), a user, called csebastian posted a project. You can sign up for it, and the wage can go up to $250 dollars per job.
    This is the description of the project:

    Looking for people to upload popular movie torrents
    I will provide the names
    Ok so basically you will upload Movie torrents that are new and with popular tracker names like Axxo , HDTV and others
    I need only serious people who are willing to make a great job !

    As of now, we’ve got no clue who csebastian is, and if he’s truly an employee of the RIAA, MPAA or some other scum company. Maybe you will tell? All information would be great!

    Source: blogpirate

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    Fuckwits. Hopefully they won't hijack Usenet.

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    ...and this is why you use private trackers.
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    how low can they go , unbelievable.
    Looking after FTN for free

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    I always wondered where all those bunk movie files came from... I thought it was just people with perverse scene of humour, now I know!

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    they can,t win anyway

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    Instead of spending so much money on lawyers, sabotage, and unethical if not illegal tactics, they should spend it on improving their business model, creating higher quality content, and convenient ways to get at it. Then, they can protect their revenue streams without chase away legitimate customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanka113 View Post
    ...and this is why you use private trackers.
    Why would you think for a second that private trackers are any safer? Their invites and accounts are openly traded all over the net.

    The FST group

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    ^^ For real Skizo, FST is the proof by itself lol, u just need to be a member for 30 days
    then that's it u can start grabbing a few invites just by showin some speed test...
    and anyone could do that... here it's not the worst place but there are places u just
    register then ask invites then they give you some... it's not anymore private except a few rare trackers...
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