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Thread: Fasttrackfakes

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    Report a fake at FasttrackFakes

    This is the concept: I want to download with KazaaLite FunJukebox ver.1.12
    I'm looking everywhere first ,VerifiedDownloads,the section with the hash links
    on the forum,etc, but i can't find a link.What i'm doing??I make a search with
    KazaaLite and i find the file.Now i start to download but my antivirus warning
    me there is a infected file.I stop the download get the info about the file and
    i report the file as a fake on to FasttrackFackes.This egual for the all tipe of files
    movies,music,etc.So if anyone want to download the same file ,do the same steps
    and can go to the FasttrackFakes and look if is a fake or not.Yes, you can tell :But if someone
    from RIIA goes to FasttrackFakes and put a good file as a fake??That is not posibille because
    to report a fake you must to register,and your IP can be seen by the ADMIN,and is verified
    to see if is a fake or not.

    PS. Don't tell i want free publicity for the site cause i don't,i didn't request any mods or
    members to register.If you like or not the ideea just tell me what i missing or i do wrong.
    Thank you ,SharedHolder.

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    I have found about 3800 fakes. Should I report all these fakes to Fasttrackfakes?
    That is too much work I guess.

    Try to find these fakes! It's very easy. Connect to an German Supernode or at least an eurpean SN. Then search for "Mp3fix". Caution! Mp3Fix is a virus that destroys all your mp3 if you execute it. Everyone who have this program in share is a faker. You can verify this. Browse the users with mp3fix in share. This looks like this:

    We have found more than 120 of these fakers. All they have the same fakes in share. Try yourself: search for mp3fix, browse the users with mp3fix in share download some files and listen that files.

    More than this I know the IPs. The IPs are from to and are located in a german internet-service firm. The only one I don't know is the customer.

    What do you think we should do?

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    Maybe you could try posting this somewhere else? Problems, musicworld, questions?

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    have found about 3800 fakes. Should I report all these fakes to Fasttrackfakes?
    That is too much work I guess.
    You can post the same topic on the FasttrackFakes.Easy,no? (with the screenshot too).

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    Oh sorry! Am I wrong here? I thought you are talking about fakes.

    Edit. Delete my posting if you want to.


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