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Thread: Pirates Of The Caribbean

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    I have just d/l the pirates of the caribbean user DaDuck file size 716,437 (TcS) DIVX TS .DaDuck & there is no pic just sound can anyone help if this is in the wrong section apologies

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    have u got installed the kl codec pack? if not install it

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    Originally posted by Dapadipz@19 September 2003 - 19:13
    have u got installed the kl codec pack? if not install it
    that should do the trick... but... if you are a bit more patient... try dl the screener version.
    This movie is really worth seeing in that great quality..!

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    Heres The Links -

    KL Codec Pack Final
    And As Jetje Said
    Pirates Of The Carribean DVD Screener

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    yeah I have kl codec pack & even checked the file on gspot which also say's fine but when I start the pic wmp you can just make out the pirates logo & I have just checked it on the properties vid but the screen is blue & then no pic others d/l from dd have been ok ??

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    Try Playing it in AVIpreview or BSPlayer?

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    cheers guys got it working brilliant

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    Try VideoLan or if is a fake REPORT IT at FasttrackFakes


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