JACT provides a revolutionary FREE service that rewards PC gamers for playing their favorite games. Think of credit card points and airline miles but for gamers. So instead of jetlag and credit card debt for your rewards, you get to play games like World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike and The Sims. It's a reward program designed around what you already enjoy doing--gaming.

Simply play your favorite PC games to earn credits (“JACT BUX”) that can be exchanged for prizes in the JACT MALL . JACT’s software, Eamonn, deposits BUX to your JACT account every time you play, giving you the added incentive of "Playing with Purpose". We think that's pretty cool.
I found this site a couple days ago and managed to get in, through the waiting list. I have heard that some people have been on the waiting list for quite some time before getting an invite. I am still kinda new to it, but so far it seems like a pretty good deal, no advertisements or BS.
I have some invitation codes to give out if you are interested in getting one, PM me with your email.
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