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Thread: question about cox newsgroups service

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    Browsing the net for information on Cox newsgroups I have read posts by people saying they access multiple Cox servers and get four connections on each server.

    I just began using newsgroups recently and my experience is the following: I cannot have any more than two connections at a time. If I try to start more than two connections going I get an Error, with the message: "Maximum number of connections reached."

    If I have those two connections going on one server that is the maximum, Cox seems to register I have reached the maximum and will not allow me to log in to another server and open another two connections there.

    Is the information I've read about using multiple servers and getting four connections on each outdated? Has Cox recently gone further in crippling their newsgroup service?
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    The info is outdated, don't try to open more than 4 connections total.

    Try configuring 2 connections each:

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    Hi Mesaman,

    Thanks for the information.

    I've set it up as you suggested. Everything seems to be working well now.
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