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Thread: Req: Ftn

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    Can anyone give me FTN invite? I promise I'll be good member there, I hear they have really good content and forums, I have good ratio on Demonoid.


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    your request is too short man ,FTN is very rare ,you can not obtain it like this ,see this
    this request is about 6 days old & has not fulfilled yet (i think it will not be fulfilled) although it is longer than yours , ,also demonoid is not a good ratio proof ,you can at least write more .
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    this is obviously a request from a member who does not understand FTN. This is a waste of a thread and space in my opinion...

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    The fact that he says he has a good Demonoid ratio makes me believe this is a joke.

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    u have to wait for a while be4 making a request for a site like F*N.

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    epic fail lol

    this makes me laugh so much this is what fst is special for

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    See below
    ftn is one of the best trackers out there. I've seen people have sold their sister to get into that tracker. Do you have a sister?

    Seriously though, you should lower your ambitions. If you only have Demonoid as tracker, try to get in to TL,revtt, scl or something like that.

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    don't know where
    Spoiler: Show

    ıf someone wont help the topic owner just STFU, unless say good luck!
    good luck

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    dont you understand he is a jobless person who cant live without spamming?

    never argue with idiots first they bring you down to their level and then beat you with their experience.

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