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Thread: [GA] pedro's,db9,TL,ipt

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    miss sct... BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    1.just convince me why you want one of them
    2. some activity here xD
    ps: for pedro's i need to pm me your profile link from waffles(just the profile link, the application should be written in this thread)...
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    Hi, Can I have TL please??

    I want TL bcoz... its gud, PRE Time is gud too and the speed and bocz I dont have ... anything else u want to know plz>?

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    in addition to the above... I have a good ratio on Rtt .. I can maintain the same repo on TL too, u can check that on the screenshot.
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    cesariocesal's Avatar Member BT Rep: +3
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    Man I'm crazy for a Pedro's, until now thought to buy a call, but not like that. I love music, are among those who have Waffles,, Eletronik, TranceRoute, Stmusic, Filemp3 and DB9. I would love to win this Pedro's. Thank you.

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    1st up, great GA... been hoping to get into Pedros BTM for ages now and invites are very rarely given away on the forum. really want to have a new source for music.


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    congratulations to the winner!
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    Nice giveaway, sarancha. I'd like the TL invite, please.

    I've got TV and music covered but that's about it, so I'm looking for a good general tracker with a wider variety of content. TL would be perfect.

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    0control's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +2
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    Hi ms sarancha, I would very much want to apply for Pedro's BTmusic. The reason why I want an invite to the great (as rumours and reviews have it) tracker is for the lossless music there. I like their concept of having a bot to quality check all uploads, which will ensure that everything uploaded is perfect rips. Personally, lossless formats is a must for me as I play my music on a stereo (JBL). Thus, quality is very important to me.

    As I have a NAS (Network Attached Storage, some would say a little server) standing in my cellar, I'm able to seed 24/7 if that would be necessary, so maintaining a good ratio is not any problem. I have also heard that Pedro's BTmusic have a goal that every user should have about 0.8 in ratio, which makes maintaining a ratio even easier.

    I hope you will consider me.

    Regards 0control
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    i am applying for tl reason never recieved an invite from a girl to be serious i am going to replace ipt with similar tracker since my isp decided to block it and i heard good things about tl so i would love to be invited

    by the way thx for ga

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