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Thread: Thanks To All And Sundry

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    Cheers everyone that has given advice so far... been very helpfull... NOw I am back with more questions... getting there though...
    XP pro on a newly formatted hdd. I made boot disk ok... But the comp is rather old....Its my daughters four yrs old.. the comp not her lol.. I need to upgrade the bios. Cuz I get ASPI compliant errors on boot up.... Can get xp pro to install and run under fat 32.. dont want that though...When I do eventualy get it installed using NFTS with partition and boot magic...(converted c: drive where it was installed to ntfs from fat)... it converts ok but on reboot I get this "unmountable boot sector" ..
    so is there a good little prog or way to find what bios upgrade I need to try and overcome this... I want to resolve this cuz my comp is dual boot... and I want to ditch ME and have no fat partitions on my comp....
    Ok so its almost another novel/ essay type question from Trug.. But hey what is a guy to do lol ?

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    If you find yer mobo manufacturer, visit their webpage, you will most likely find bios updates there.
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    I'm a bit confused. You want to get rid of win9x? then just fdisk the drive and install what you want.
    If you want a true dual boot, then get rid of boot magic and install XP from inside win 9x so you'll have the boot loader/ boot choice menu.

    As it is now, when you boot to win9x, do you get a boot loader beyond boot magic? If you do, use that one. It's possible that the bootloader is installed at the root of C: meaning that once you use bootmagic to try and boot to xp, the boot loader for XP becomes hidden on the now inactive c: partition. No NT bootloader, no XP.


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