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Thread: Kruder & Dorfmeister, Tosca, Peace Orchestra

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    I'v just discovered I do! ^_^

    Becouse of two pieces I once recorded from the radio. But I searched dozens web sites, listened hundrets samples...
    ...and still don't know the titles of them. They are related to G-Stone and "G Stone Book". It's all I know

    HELP! Please download these recordings, listen and tell me what you hear.

    K&D 2 (FM I).mp3
    K&D 2 (FM I).mp3

    K&D 3 (FM I).mp3
    K&D 3 (FM I).mp3


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    Wow. I'm amazed that noone answered you. I don't know what the particular tracks are that you have, i'll maybe download them later.

    Kruder and Dorfmeister are a production team, their record label is called G Stone and they released an EP called 'G Stone Book' last year. I recommend you get the K & D Sessions, which is a mix of their work (2CD) and very good.

    Peter Kruder also is half of 'Tosca' with Rupert Huber. You should also check out Fila Brazillia and Nightmares on Wax, maybe Thievery Corporation too.

    Also, have you listened to Tricky? Get 'Maxinquaye' if you haven't already got it; very dark and very, very good.


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