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Thread: Software to synchronize calendar, working folders,... between Notebook and PC ?

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    I think the idea is quite exciting I am much on the way and therefore seek a possibility to access my working folders, important files and e-mail from my Notebook and Desktop Pc, eventually more. I already heard of a lot of Sync programs and wanted to ask for your experiences in general. Perhaps someone has a tip on how to do this the easiest way? Greetings,peters

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    For folders: did you know about Microsoft live sync?
    This is an online folder/files synchronizing free utility from MS than many don't know about it... it may be of some help to you!

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    DropBox!! It's the best for this.

    That's what I use and it's perfect for file syncing/sharing.

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    Thanks for your suggestions!

    Now, I have choosen for my synchronization problem. As well a friend of mine reported about this software so it was a bit easier for me to decide for this way of synchronizes my data.

    Im happy with this solution and hope there wont be any data chaos in the future!

    Bye, Peters

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    I'm currently using Allway sync. It works similarly to Microsoft's synctoy (which is ok), but has a few features over MS:

    1. Allows "auto sync" - this will sync whenever a file changes, at set intervals, when you open a program,...

    2. Allows "command line sync" - I have created ashortcut (with suitable command line parameters) that my wife hits whenever working on her laptop and it syncs whats on the pendrive she uses with "my docs" - simple
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