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Thread: Looking For Some Sort Of Desktop Alert Builder

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    maybe somebody can help me out with some info. I am looking for some sort of "Desktop Alert" builder - meaning that i want to be able to give for example 50 of my techs a software which they install to their laptop / computer and if there is some important message that I can simply type it once and the message goes out to all connected clients.

    If you don't know what I mean take MSN as example - If you get a new mail the MSN messenger will popup a little window to inform you that you have a new email.

    If somebody knows some Desktop Alert builder please let me know since that would be pretty good for my company since it would safe much time


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    I had thought about SIPPS from NERO or sippstar but apparently it only allows conferencing with two others. Still, you might want to check it out. Maybe the corporate package allows more connections?

    It's basically IP telephony and it's supposed to be compatible with MSN. You can set it up to phone other computers and it rings like a real phone, has answering machine, call forwarding, call display, etc.

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    I'll have a look at this one

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    Windows Messenger was built for that.. but it's not really that good


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