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Thread: Peer Guardina 1.99 Pr6 Just Released

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    Bluetack Mod
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    Jul 2003
    The latest optimizations include:
    - Now only performs tests when the tcptable has changed.
    - Now uses a quick lookup table instead of variable by variable comparisons to detect which connections are new and which are existing/old.
    - No longer tries to convert 0 to before ignoring those connections.
    - Only writes connection log every 32 connections (or.. when the application closes/when the log is requested)
    - Shouldn't use up 25+MB any more. (May go upto 15MB though.)
    - PG now uses a 'white-list' so that recently approved connections aren't compared against the large IP database.
    Can be downloaded from

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    Cool, thanks. :beerchug:

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    May 2003
    i think i will stick with pauls list and the ipblocker, pg seems to block people you don't want


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